Webex for Salesforce is now available on Salesforce AppExchange.


December 11, 2023

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  • You can now track your registration source ID against each registrant or attendee imported in Webex in order to keep track of where your participants registered. For more information, see: Track how attendees join or register for Webex Webinars.
  • Titles have been added to video call and chat icons throughout the interface to provide more context to users.


  • Linked spaces information pop-ups not opening or closing as expected is resolved.
  • Campaign members who have attended a webinar are now showing as having attended in Salesforce as expected.


September 27, 2023

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  • Salesforce Webex administrators can now delete, or schedule deletion jobs for Webex integration error logs.
  • Added the ability to track related campaign and webinar name for imported webinars in the Webex Record Link object


  • Adding the Webex utility in Salesforce no longer disables scroll bars in other Salesforce utilities.
  • Past webinars will no longer experience a delay in rolling over from the upcoming webinar list to the past webinar list.
  • Cases in which campaign members were not getting created in imports where an existing lead or contact was in the process of being updated has been fixed.
  • The “name field too long” issue has been fixed.
  • Webex components now display correctly when the Salesforce utilities are positioned on the right side (mirrored).
  • Package installation will no longer experience encryption-related failures.
  • Error logging and debugging has been improved for Webinar import.


July 20, 2023

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  • Login failures occurring because user names were too long have been fixed.
  • The Edit and Cancel buttons are now always visible to hosts when they are conducting a meeting via Salesforce.
  • A more specific error message is shown when a host email is mismatched with a Salesforce email rather than the generic "something went wrong."
  • A campaign member is always created even if the lead or contact is already linked with an existing campaign.
  • An issue in which permissions were incorrectly applied to Salesforce objects preventing webinar data import has been fixed.

  • Enabling enhanced domains no longer breaks Salesforce logins.


June 6, 2023

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New functionality

  • A Salesforce administrator, while selecting objects for Webinar import, can choose to link those objects as campaign members, if the selected object is either a Lead or a Contact (this option is not available for other object types).
  • When importing webinar records, Salesforce users are notified whether the lead or contact object will be imported and linked to the campaign as Campaign Members or Webex Webinar Campaign Members or both.
  • In the Salesforce Campaigns tab, Webex Webinar Campaign Memberships is now renamed to Webex Webinar Campaign Members to align with the Salesforce out-of-the-box Campaign Members panel.


  • Salesforce event consumption has been optimized, allowing the handling of heavier call volumes.
  • Webinar import failure handling has been improved.


May 2, 2023

Webex download link.

Bug Fixes

  • Security
    • The message channel exposure is now limited within the Cisco managed package.
    • The session ID has been replaced with an authorization token.
    • The View All permission has been removed from Salesforce Campaign objects.
  • Optimized the query for retrieving namespaces.
  • Fixed the component load failure issue that could occur when initializing the moment libraries.
  • The Inbound and Outbound notifications and call log windows now appear as expected for PSTN calls.


September 29, 2022

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New functionality
  • Access upcoming and past Webex Webinars for which the user is the host.

  • Import Webex Webinar invitees, registrants, or attendees to Salesforce as contacts, leads, or any custom objects.

  • Link imported records to Salesforce campaigns.

General improvements
  • Enhanced metrics instrumentation to support new Webex Webinars functionality and capture package versions, enabling Cisco personnel to more effectively assist with troubleshooting customer issues.

  • Optimized platform event usage in Salesforce.


March 24, 2022

Bug fixes
  • Fixed login issues


March 22, 2022

This build is temporarily unavailable because of a potential high-severity issue. This is currently under investigation. We recommend that you upgrade to version 1.10 instead.

New functionality
  • Added a new access token refresh engine

  • Enhanced admin tab error messages

  • Enhanced meetings retrieval engine

Bug fixes
  • Improved performance when the space information icon is clicked

  • Fixed minor chat bugs

  • Fixed potential meeting duplicates in the Link a Meeting component

  • Fixed potential issue preventing users from signing out of Webex

  • Excluded Webinars from appearing in the Meetings and HomePod components

  • Fixed a Space Notifications bot issue causing test methods to fail


February 2, 2022

New functionality
  • Added instrumentation of metrics for remote serviceability—Cisco support personnel are now able to remotely assess functionality, performance and more effectively assist with troubleshooting customer issues.

  • Improved functionality to link and unlink a past meeting to or from any object—It is now possible to retrieve meetings from a user calendar that took place during a custom time interval and choose one or more of such meetings to associate with the current object (both standard and custom). Past meetings associated with an object show up in the Past Meetings tab of the Webex Meetings layout component.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed issues with inbound and outbound calling

  • Improved overall stability

  • Fixed minor UI issues

Known issues
  • A high-severity issue is affecting this build and it's now temporarily unavailable. If you are already using this version, we recommend that you upgrade to version 1.10.

  • Ensure that the Salesforce release update Enable Secure Static Resources for Lightning Components is disabled. Go to Setup > Release Updates in Salesforce to check. This update can cause the Webex components in Salesforce to become unresponsive and cause missing fonts and icons.

December 8, 2021

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New functionality
  • Link an Existing Meeting—Potential to link a past meeting to a Salesforce Object

  • Webex Notification bot—Support for bulk records updates

Bug fixes
  • Fixed issues with inbound and outbound calling

  • Fixed issues with Make a call functionality

  • Fixed issues with Webex Notification bot—Lookup Fields can be added in Notification message

  • Fixed issues with timezone for Link an Existing Meeting functionality

  • Fixed issue with Unlink/Cancel Webex meeting that was not deleting the associated Salesforce Event

  • Link an Existing Meeting—The list of available meetings is now filtered by meeting start date

  • Fixed minor UI issues


November 4, 2021

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New functionality
  • Webex user to Webex user video/audio calls support

  • Broadcast Salesforce Objects updates to related Webex spaces

  • Redesigned Webex Admin Screen

  • Improved Chat experience

Bug fixes
  • Fixed issues with inbound and outbound calling

  • Enhancements on Salesforce Objects Sharing and Security settings


October 13, 2021

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New functionality
  • Autofill Webex space with case details

  • Create a new case related to a call and add users (Salesforce users and contacts)

  • Scheduled a meeting with case members

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue when you try to update from a previous package version. If you installed 1.5 successfully, you don't need install 1.5.1.

General improvements
  • Activity tab—Shows previous calls with a specific number.

  • More info tab—Shows records related to a specific contact.

  • Inbound calls enhancement—If status is set to do not disturb in Webex, incoming calls won't notify that user in Salesforce.


August 19, 2021

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  • No release notes for this maintenance release.


August 3, 2021

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New functionality
  • Ability to save a meeting as a Salesforce Event

  • Ability to start an instant meeting directly from Salesforce

  • Check calendar availability when scheduling a meeting

  • Receive Inbound call notifications in Salesforce (using local Webex app)

  • Execute Outbound calls from Salesforce (through local Webex app)

  • Log Inbound calls as a Salesforce Task

  • Log Outbound calls as a Salesforce Task

Bug fixes
  • Search Optimization

  • Database Structure fixes

  • Database Query Structure fix

  • User Interface alignments

  • Webex API search

General improvements
  • Improved Chat experience

  • Backend improvements

  • Support for Salesforce organizations that have salesforce encryption activated

  • Salesforce search optimization

  • Webex Admin screen enhancements