On a Call

With this feature, there is synchronization of your desk phone (registered to Dedicated Instance Unified CM) On a Call status with the Webex App.

  • When you are on an active call on your Cisco phone, the presence status on the Webex App changes to On a Call.

  • Similarly, when the call disconnects, the status on the Webex App changes back to available.

There are certain presence statuses that have higher priority compared to On a call. These states are Do Not Disturb, Out of Office, Presenting and In a Meeting. When your presence status is one of the above in your Webex App, on-hook or off-hook activity on Cisco phone does not change your presence status to On a call.

Do Not Disturb

Synchronize the Do Not Disturb Status between Webex app and Desk phone to get Integrated experience for Webex calling Dedicated Instance users.

When you need time to focus and do not want incoming call notifications to disturb you, you do not have to enable Do Not Disturb (DND) on each device separetly. When you enable it on the Webex app, the state is automatically synchronized to your desk phone. Similarly, enabling it on your desk phone automatically synchronizes the state to your Webex app.

When DND is enabled on your Webex app or Desk phone, you will not get any notification of incoming call and messages.

Control the Do Not Disturb (DND) Status Sync in Control Hub

If any user does not want the DND to be synchronized across all the devices, the admin can disable the DND synchronisation in Control Hub:

  • Log in to the control Hub https://admin.webex.com.

  • Go to Service> Calling> Client Settings.

  • In the Do Not Disturb (DND) Status Sync section, disable the Allow DND to be synchronized.

Supported Versions and IP Phone Model

The presence synchronization feature is supported on:

  • Unified CM version 12.5 SU7 and above

  • Webex App version 42.11 and above.

  • Supported phone models:

    • Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series

    • Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series

    • Webex DX Series

    • Webex Desk Pro

    We validated the above phone models and hence recommended, whereas for the other phone models the partner or customer would need to validate/manage.