Configure a Cisco Webex Contact Center Chat Template

Before you begin

You need to create a preconfigured entry point before configuring a chat template.

Entry points are the initial landing place for customer calls, chats, or emails in the Cisco Webex Contact Center system. Based on the routings strategies that you set in the entry points, the calls, chats, or emails are sent to the agents.

You can configure one chat template for each entry point. For more information, see Entry Point and Queues.


From the customer view in, select Services.


Select Features on the Customer Journey Platform card.


Select New and then select Customer Support Template.


Select Create Chat Template and name it.


Select an entry point for the chat template from the drop-down list.


Select the template customization cards. You can select multiple cards depending on what you want your customers to see when they choose to chat with your organization.


Configure the customer information form, the visual display of the agents, and the status messages for the chat window. For more information, see Configure Cisco Webex Contact Center Customer Virtual Assistant.


Select the Finish button.

After you finish configuring the chat template, a code snippet appears. To use the newly configured chat template in your organization's website, you can copy and paste the code snippet within the <head> or <body> HTML tag of your web page's source file.

You can close the code snippet, and can download it later from the Customer Journey Platform features page.

Attributes of Cisco Webex Contact Center Chat Template

Enhance the customer experience by configuring the following additional attributes for your chat template:

  • Proactive Prompt: The chat dialog box that appears when the customer opens the website of your organization can be customized. You can set the time that you want a customer to wait before an invite is sent to an agent for a customer chat. You can also change the title and the default welcome message that shows up in in a customer chat.

  • Customer Virtual Assistant: The preconfigured chat bot that starts the conversation with the customer. You can choose from the available virtual assistants and add a welcome message.

  • Off-Hours: The non-business hours for your organization. You can set the availability of the chat support by setting the business hours and time zone for your organization. You can also add an away message for customers.

  • Feedback: The feedback form that shows after the end of the chat. You can add a message inviting customers to give their feedback about their chat experience.