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I Can't Activate My Cisco Webex Endpoint

Use this article to troubleshoot issues with activating your Webex endpoint.

I can't activate my Cisco Webex endpoint.

Error: 'You entered an invalid activation code', while activating an endpoint in Webex.

What network ports need to be open for Webex endpoints?

I'm getting 'invalid activation code' errors when I try to activate an SX10 endpoint.

For Activation/Connection fails issues:

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  • The Webex endpoint must have an Internet connection.
  • Make sure you pair any accessory devices, such as the Touch10, with the endpoint, before activating the endpoint with Webex. If the device is not paired when you activate the endpoint, you will not be able to pair it, and will have to do a factory reset on the endpoint, then pair the Touch10, then reactivate it on Webex.
  • Make sure the correct ports are open (outbound) on the firewall.
The Protocol/Ports range for endpoint for Webex:

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  • RTP port 5004
  • UDP is always preferred if both ports are open
  • To check if ports are opened properly, and test your network performance, use the following tool:
    Note: Some browsers may not be supported.
  • Make sure the Activation Code is correct and valid.
  • The activation code is one time use only. If the system is factory reset a new Activation code must be generated. Codes generated in the Control Hub admin portal are valid for up to two weeks then expire.
    • The administrator may generate a new activation code for help.
  • Make sure the Product ID (PID) of the endpoint matches the endpoint you are activating; for example: CTS-SX10N-K9 (CTS-SX10NCODEC).
  • For more information on Cisco Telepresence CE Software Release Notes (CE8), see: http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/telepresence/endpoint/software/ce8/release-notes/ce-software-release-notes-ce8.pdf

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