I Can't Activate My Cisco Webex Endpoint

Use this article to troubleshoot issues with activating your Webex endpoint.

I can't activate my Cisco Webex endpoint.

Error: 'You entered an invalid activation code', while activating an endpoint in Webex.

What network ports need to be open for Webex endpoints?

I'm getting 'invalid activation code' errors when I try to activate an SX10 endpoint.

For Activation/Connection fails issues:

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  • The Webex endpoint must have an Internet connection.
  • If the device is not paired when you activate the endpoint, you can still pair it if you create a local access account on the device to authenticate the Touch Device. Otherwise; you will need to factory reset the endpoint, pair the Touch Device, and then reactivate it on Webex.
  • Make sure the correct ports are open (outbound) on the firewall.
The Protocol/Ports range for endpoint for Webex:

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  • RTP port 5004
  • UDP is always preferred if both ports are open
  • To check if ports are opened properly, and test your network performance, use the following tool:
    Note: Some browsers may not be supported.
  • Make sure the Activation Code is correct and valid.
  • The activation code is one time use only. If the system is factory reset a new Activation code must be generated. Codes generated in the Control Hub admin portal are valid for up to 7 days, then expire.
    • The administrator may generate a new activation code for help.
  • Make sure the Product ID (PID) of the endpoint matches the endpoint you are activating; for example: CTS-SX10N-K9 (CTS-SX10NCODEC).
  • For more information on Cisco Telepresence CE Software Release Notes (CE8), see: http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/telepresence/endpoint/software/ce8/release-notes/ce-software-release-notes-ce8.pdf

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