Device Issue Messages in the Cisco Webex Control Hub

Device issue messages in the Cisco Webex Control Hub


If there are any problems with devices, an issue message is displayed in the Cisco Webex Control Hub:

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The following list shows the messages that appear in the Control Hub for the various error codes:
Error CodeTypeMessage
mediaprotocolNetwork Ports BlockedFirewall may be blocking media on UDP. Call quality may be impacted.
For help with the network port requirements, see: WBX000028782 - Network Requirements for Cisco Webex Teams Services
mediablockingdetectedFirewall may be blocking media on UDP and TCP. Call quality may be impacted.
For help with the network port requirements, see: WBX000028782 - Network Requirements for Webex Services
temperaturecheckHigh TemperatureSystem temperature is too high.
osdvideooutputMain Display Not DetectedVerify that the main display is turned on and connected to the correct display output on the video system.
noupgradeAutomatic Updates DisabledSystem software will not be updated.
soontobedeactivatedDevice credentials will soon expire

*This device has been offline for several weeks. Bring the device online within [expireInDays] days to avoid losing its Webex activation.

*The device will expire in 1 year regardless of last seen online time:

ntpstatusTime Server Not ReachableThe connection to an NTP server could not be established. The time displayed on your endpoint may be wrong.
audiopairinginterferenceSignal interference from other devicesThere is an ultrasound signal interference in this room from other devices (For example, other video systems) that could prevent pairing between the video system and your phone or laptop.
ecreferencedelayAudio DelayYour monitor settings are adding a delay to your audio. Change the monitor settings to a suitable mode (For example, Game mode).
For help, see: Monitor Recommendations for SX10, SX20, and Room Kits
ultrasoundspeakeravailabilityNo Embedded Ultrasound SpeakerThis hardware version of the Cisco TelePresence SX10 does not have an embedded ultrasound speaker.
missingencryptionkeyMissing encryption option keyYou must add an encryption option key.
configuredfortestautomationConfigured for test automationMetrics and log reporting are affected.
touchpanelconnectionTouch Panel RequiredThere is no touch panel connected to the room device. Check the cable connecting the touch panel to the room device.
networkqualityPacket Loss DetectedDuring the last call we detected a level of packet loss that may have impacted the call quality. Packet loss is typically caused by network congestion.
accountmissingThe owner of this device cannot be foundThe user or place that this device was associated with is no longer in your organization. Perform a factory reset on the device itself. You can then activate it for a different user or place. Alternatively, delete the device to remove it from your organization.
unknownThe device reported an unknown error and there is no description available. Error code is: [Error Code]"message_with_description": "The device reported an unknown error. Error code is: [errorCode]. Description provided: [description]. (See the image below for an example).

audiopairingrateUnable to verify the ultrasound signalUnable to verify the ultrasound signal which enables pairing with phones and laptops. This could be due to a missing or faulty speaker, an external speaker that doesn't support ultrasound, the volume on an external speaker being too low, sub-optimal microphone placement, or interference from other ultrasound sources.
ultrasoundconfigsettingsUltrasound pairing may failAutomatic pairing with this device via ultrasound may not work. Log into Local Device Controls and increase the ultrasound volume on the device.
monitordelayMonitor audio delayThe monitor connected to this device is adding a delay to the audio. Change the monitor settings to a suitable mode (ex: Game mode).
currentnetworkqualityReduced audio and video qualityNetwork issues might cause participants to experience reduced audio and video quality.

Note: Contact Cisco TAC for help with any unknown error messages:

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