Error 20001: You Are No Longer Connected to the Meeting. Automatically Reconnecting

Used for troubleshooting Error 20001.

Error 20001: You Are No Longer Connected to the Meeting. Automatically Reconnecting.

The meeting service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Error 20001.

I receive Error 20001 when attempting to view web cam video.

I'm unable to join a Webex session with VoIP enabled.

This error occurs when Webex traffic is being blocked on the computer or network.


Typically, this error occurs because:

  • Local firewall, security settings, or proxy server is blocking ports used by Webex for audio and video streaming

See bullet points below to resolve error:

  • Temporarily disable any security software that may be blocking traffic on ports 9000 & 9001 (Example: Norton Internet Security, McAfee Firewall, Windows Firewall).
  • Configure your network to allow Webex traffic.
  • If the issue persists, test on your networks' DMZ (an Internet connection outside your firewall) or from a different internet connection. If you are able to connect from the DMZ, then your local firewall or proxy server is blocking the connection, and you would need to set up exceptions to allow Webex as explained in the above article.

If the issue persists after performing the suggestions in this article, contact technical support.  For help, see: WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?


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