Incorrect email address or password' Error when Logging in to Cisco Webex Meetings

'Incorrect email address or password' error when logging in to Cisco Webex Meetings.

How do I get help with my Cisco Webex Meetings login?

How do I retrieve my username and password for Cisco Webex Meetings?

How do I reset my Cisco Webex Meetings account password?

I can't log in to my Cisco Webex Meetings account.

I'm having problems logging in to my Cisco Webex Meetings account.


If the wrong email address or password is entered when you try to log in to your Cisco Webex Meetings account, you will see the following error:


If you are having login problems, first try clearing your browser cache and then closing ALL browser windows. For help see:'s-Cache

Then try your login again.

If you still have problems, continue troubleshooting using the steps below.

Remember the following when logging in to your Cisco Webex Meetings account:

  • Your email address must be unique to Cisco Webex Meetings. That email address may not be used with any other existing Webex account.
  • Your password is case-sensitive, so check your Caps Lock and Num Lock keys.
  • If you are using copy and paste for your password, ensure you have selected the whole password, and that you do not have an extra space or character.
  • You may want to try entering your password into Notepad or a similar text editor, then copy and paste from Notepad into the password field.

If you are still having problems, click the Forgot your username or password? link to reset your password as explained below.

If you do not see that link, you would need to contact your site administrator for login help.

To reset your Cisco Webex Meetings password from the login page:

  1. Go to your Cisco Webex Meetings site. (Example:
  2. Under the log In button, click on the link for Forgot your username or password?

    The Forgot username or password screen displays.
  3. Enter the email address for your account.
  4. Type the characters shown in the image.
  5. Click Submit.

    A screen displays stating the following:
    "Follow the instructions sent to your email inbox at on how to reset your password. Didn't get the email? Resend"
  6. Check your email for a message from Cisco Webex with the following subject: Action required: Reset your account password.
  7. Open the email and click on Reset Password.
  8. On the Create a new password screen, choose and enter a new password.

    As you type, note the password security requirements, which will appear in a pop-up window:

    If you see any red x on this screen, read the specific item you need to change, and retype your password until it meets the security requirements.
  9. Click Submit.

    The login screen appears again, with a message stating your password was changed:

  10. Enter your new password and click Log In.

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