Error: 'Your account has been deactivated. Please contact your site administrator.'

Users attempting to log in or start scheduled meetings receive an error message stating, 'Your account has been deactivated. Please contact your site administrator.' This error indicates that the user's host account on the Webex platform is currently inactive.

To get your account reactivated, please contact the site administrator for your Webex site. The site admin can reactivate your account, and may be able to help reset your password if needed.


  1. Reach out directly to the Webex Site Administrator within your organization. For help, see: Contact Your Webex Site Administrator. This individual is responsible for managing user accounts and permissions for Webex Services.
  2. Provide the Site Administrator with your account details and explain the issue you are facing.
  3. The Site Administrator will have the necessary access to investigate the cause of the deactivation and take appropriate steps to reactivate your account.
  4. If you are unsure who your Webex Site Administrator is, refer to internal directories or IT support channels within your organization for assistance.

Site Administrators
To reactivate a user's account, follow these steps | Manage User Accounts in Cisco Webex Site Administration

The deactivation of a host account can occur for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Administrative actions taken due to prolonged inactivity or policy changes.
  • The user's employment status has changed, leading to an automatic or manual deactivation by the organization's IT department.
  • A system error or misconfiguration within the Webex account management system.

When an account is deactivated, the user loses the ability to log in to the Webex service, start or host any scheduled meetings, and may also be unable to retrieve their password using the standard 'Forgot Password' feature due to the inactive status of the account.


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