Care Assistant Integrations

Integrate Care Assistant bots with third-party virtual assistants

Care Assistant bots integrate with Dialogflow to provide enhanced self service capabilities to customers. Use Dialogflow to create a conversational user experience that is backed by natural language processing and machine learning. Use Dialogflow Intents to map user actions to automated bot responses and escalate a conversation to an agent.

Add an Escalation Intent

An Escalation Intent allows your Care Assistant to escalate to experts in Cisco Webex Teams if self-help fails. To add the intent to a Dialogflow agent:

  1. Download the Escalation Intent.

  2. Upload the Escalation Intent to your Dialogflow agent. On your Dialogflow agent's Intents page, click the vertical ellipsis () and choose Upload Intent. In the file browser, choose the escalation.json file that you downloaded.

  3. Specify the escalation conditions. On your Dialogflow agent's Intents page, choose Escalation Intent. Modify the User Says fields to change the user expressions that trigger escalation. All user expressions must:

    • Use template mode.

    • Contain a reference to @sys.any:Topic.

    The @ symbol preceding a user expression indicates template mode. Click the symbol to change the mode. Do not modify the GetExpert action.

Configure the Default Fallback Intent

Configure the Default Fallback Intent to change the Care Assistant response when it does not recognize the user input.

  1. On your Dialogflow agent's Intent page, choose Default Fallback Intent.

    If you do not have a Default Fallback Intent, click the vertical ellipsis () and choose Create Fallback Intent.

  2. Modify the Response fields to change the text responses that the Care Assistant uses.

Retrieve a Client Access Token

  1. In Dialogflow, click the Settings icon.

  2. Locate the Client access token in the API keys section.

  3. Copy the Client access token.

  4. In Care Assistant Administration, Enable Integration for your bot.

  5. Enter the client access token into the Enter client access token field.

    For more information on creating a new Care Assistant bot, see Get Started with Care Assistant.

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