Webex Go on Mobile Phone

When a user makes an outgoing call to a business contact, the line or SIM used for the call is displayed. Enterprise-grade calling features such as extension dialing is available on the Webex Go device.

Calls to an user’s E.164 number, extension number and alternate numbers such as Hunt group number, executive number (in case of an EA) will ring the Webex Go mobile device. If a user has multiple Webex Calling endpoints – Webex Go, MPP phone, soft client - all the endpoints will ring at the same time, giving the user the flexibility to pick the endpoint. Once the user picks the call in an endpoint, the ringing stops on other endpoints. However, if the user rejects the call on the mobile endpoint, the other devices will continue to ring. Unanswered calls will be processed via no answer service.

From an experience standpoint, the incoming call will indicate which line or SIM the call is for.

Mid call functions such as mute, 3-way calling, hold or resume are available from the built-in dialer interface. It is important to note that music on hold will not be available from the mobile endpoint.

Webex Go users who have Webex App 42.9 and above on their mobile phone can leverage the App to manage an in-progress Webex Go call. Users will receive a push notification when the call is answered. Clicking the notification will take the user to the in-call screen in the App. The mid call controls supported include:

  • Place the call on hold and invoke music on hold for the remote party

  • Blind transfer the call

  • Power up the call to a meeting

  • Add participants to the call

Other mid-call functions such as call park or retrieve, pull from desk phone and others can be completed via Webex Calling feature access codes. (Refer to the Feature access codes for Webex Calling for the complete list of Feature access codes).

In the U.S., 911 calls from the Webex Go devices are routed to the PSAP operator with mobile location information and the Webex Calling mobile number. [2-8]11 calls are handled by Webex Calling.

In the UK, 999 and 112 calls from the Webex Go devices are routed to the PSAP operator with mobile location information and the Webex Calling mobile number.


Webex Calling presence is extensible to calls made on Webex Go device. If a user is on a business call on the built-in dialer of the mobile phone their presence in the Webex App updates to indicate that the user is on a call. Similarly, when the user puts themselves on DND on MPP device, the calls are processed through busy service.

Call recording

If the admin has set to record calls for compliance purpose, calls made or received on the mobile phone are also recorded.


Webex voicemail can be accessed from the built-in dialer by long pressing 1 or dialing the FAC code *86. Voicemail notifications are currently not available.

Pull call

Webex Go calls on the mobile device can be moved to the deskphone or app, using the Call Pull option.

Webex Go users get an augmented experience with Webex App.

  • For users with Webex Go and Webex App on their mobile device, the built-in dialer in the mobile phone is used as the default interface for calling. The user can switch the calling interface at any time by changing the setting from within the mobile app.

    1. Go to SettingsCallingCalling Mode.

    2. Select Mobile Operator for built-in dialer experience and Webex for application-based calling experience.

  • The built-in dialer experience won't work when the user is travelling internationally. The user needs to switch the calling mode to Webex to continue making and receiving calls over WiFi/data connection.

Since Webex Calling is extended on the built-in dialer, device features such as voice assistant can be leveraged to trigger calls. Additionally, the user can set the following:

  • SIM or line preference can be set for business contacts for a seamless calling experience.

  • Call history will indicate calls made or answered on both networks. However, it is important to note that only the Webex App will contain the unified view of call history. The call history on the mobile device will only include calls originating from the mobile phone. Incoming calls answered on mobile phone will show as answered calls, however calls answered on another endpoint will show as missed calls.

You may temporarily disable Webex Go on your mobile device if you choose to do so:

Apple iPhone

  1. Go to SettingsCellular or Mobile.

  2. Select Webex Go plan switch-off Turn on this line toggle.

Users may remove Webex Go from their mobile phone. Please note that this action will remove Webex Go completely from the mobile device and new activation code is required to onboard Webex Go again. Scenarios when users would want to remove Webex Go from their mobile phone include:

  • When they want to move the Webex Go line to another device

  • When the admin has removed Webex Go and the network shows as No service

Apple iPhone

  1. Go to SettingsCellular or Mobile.

  2. Select the Webex Go plan and tap Remove Cellular Plan.

Samsung Galaxy

  1. Go to SettingsConnectionsSIM card manager.

  2. Select Webex Go SIM and tap Remove.