Overview of Calling from Slack in Dedicated Instance Solutions

Slack can be used by Dedicated Instance customers to integrate Slack messaging with Cisco Calling. The Cisco Jabber calling application or Cisco Webex calling application for Slack is a plug-in application within Slack that enables a Slack user to make voice and video calls from within the application using the Dedicated Instance service.

The Slack user installs the Cisco Calling application within Slack in his/her personal device. Webex application or Jabber application must be already installed and registered with Dedicated Instance following all Dedicated Instance requirements. When both installations are done, Slack can make calls using Dedicated Instance Call Control. The Slack support provides the following features within Dedicated Instance for end users:

  • Make calls directly from the Slack client through the Unified CM

  • Call using the chat window using the Slack application call icon

  • Call using the slash option of the Slack application

Setting Up Slack Calling

To use direct calling features from a Slack client in Dedicated Instance, follow these procedures to set up Slack calling. Refer to Cisco Webex Calling for Slack for specific configuration settings required for Slack.

  • Install Webex application or Jabber and register with Dedicated Instance. (Partner)

    Follow the instructions in Webex Application Integration with Dedicated Instance for In-App Calling to integrate calling via the Unified CM with the Dedicated Instance solution.

  • Follow the steps for Administrators to enable Webex calling using Dedicated Instance. (Slack Administrator)

  • Follow the steps for Users to install and use Webex calling using Dedicated Instance (Slack user)

Refer to Cisco Webex Calling for Slack in the Webex Help Center for information about using Slack to call from a user device.

The end user must be logged into the Cisco Webex application.

The client-side integration allows partners to support Slack for Dedicated Instance with no additional changes to infrastructure or configuration.