An outbound dial digit is typically used in enterprise environments to avoid overlap with other on-net dialing habits. There are also cases where enterprises prefer permissive dialing (without the outbound dial digit). With this change, call routing logic in Webex Calling consistently handles different user dialing behavior, with and without an outbound dial digit.

Webex Calling will use E.164 number format for calling and connected number identity, outbound call screening and for contact resolution. To apply consistent numbering, administrators can configure an organization’s phone number format (E.164 or National) for calling and connected number identity. This applies to locations that do not have a configured outbound dial digit. For organizations with an outbound dial digit, E.164 format is used. For determining the outbound call types, local and long-distance call types will be merged into a single National call type.

Administrator and end user impact is as follows:

  • Once the external dialing change is available, if you configure locations in an organization to use an outbound dial digit, advise users to always include the outbound dial digit when making external calls.

  • During the transition period, users who redial from their call history may experience unsuccessful call routing. Users should manually dial the number to prevent routing issues.

This change is not yet available but is coming soon. Stay tuned to our Coming soon page for updates on availability.