June 2022

Use Webex devices for your consultations

Hosts signed in to Webex can transfer the consultation from their computer to their Webex device, once they start the meeting. This allows you to take advantage of the features offered in your Webex device.

PSTN calling and email invites are not available in the native app.
Connect Webex device for Instant Connect consultation

Improved device testing

Users can use a new webpage to test the following functions before joining, ensuring all participants are prepared for their consultation:

  • OS compatibility

  • Internet speed

  • Microphone

  • Speaker

  • Camera

    Device media test result before consultation

Video no longer a requirement for hosts

Administrators can now choose to disable the video requirement for hosts. If allowed, hosts no longer need to provide camera access before starting a consultation.

Webex for Government support

Webex for Government users can now use Webex Instant Connect, which maintains the security and compliance required by government institutions. Patients and healthcare providers meet using highly secure, browser-based video consultations without having to download Webex App.

May 2022

Use Webex App to host Instant Connect consultations

Webex App users can now choose to launch consultations directly in Webex App, taking advantage of all the features on offer in the native app.

PSTN calling and email invites are not available in the native app.

Webex Instant Connect card

Use the Webex Instant Connect card to create and start Webex Instant Connect meetings, all from within Webex App. When you start a meeting, the consultation lobby opens in your browser. You no longer need your own front-end interface to organize your consultations. You can invite participants using email, or text messages sent to their phone. Using the instant connect bot to setup a meeting.

Post-meeting feedback

After a consultation ends, hosts can provide feedback on the audio and video quality. If the star rating is 2 or below, the technical support team receive an automated email with logs attached. This allows quicker resolution of any media quality issues.

Send email invites to participants

Hosts can now invite participants to a consultation using email.

April 2022

Feature customization

Administrators can control feature access and change the appearance of Webex Instant Connect for their users.

March 2022

Network connection warning message

If your network connection drops during a consultation, a warning message now appears to let you know about the problem. The message also includes suggested actions you can take to solve the issue.

Feature customization for Epic integrations

Administrators can now control feature access and change the appearance of Webex Instant Connect for their users. They can:

  • Update the organization name and logo

  • Change host and patient labels

  • Turn the chat feature on or off

  • Enable or disable PSTN dialing

February 2022

Remove participants

Using the participants panel, providers can now remove other participants from the consultation.

January 2022

Customer branding

You'll be able to add your organization's branding to Webex Instant Connect, by customizing what patients see while waiting in the lobby.

November 2021

Chat feature is generally available

The chat feature, which was made available to a limited number of customers in September, is now available for all customers.

October 2021

PSTN dial-out

Providers that are signed in can dial out to an external number to add another participant, an interpreter for example, to the consultation.


This feature is not enabled by default, contact Cisco if you're interested in using this feature. Users must also be signed in to Webex and have the capability to make PSTN calls to use this feature.

Capture participant feedback

Participants can now submit their feedback during or after a consultation, which organizations can review and follow up on if needed. The user feedback rating and the user's name is included in the feedback e-mail.

Warning for unsupported browsers

A warning message now appears if you are using an unsupported browser, prompting you to use a supported version.

Updated notification message for poor connections

The warning message for users when they have a poor network connection has been improved.

Chat enhancements

We've made the following general enhancements to the chat feature:

  • Users are now alerted when a new message arrives, and the count of unread messages appears on the chat icon.

  • "Seen by" text now appears when either the host or participant has read a message.

  • Meeting controls are no longer hidden.

We've also made a number of enhancements to the chat feature on small screen devices, including:

  • A send button (>) is now available in the chat window.

  • The back navigation button and close button is now visible in landscape view.

  • The close (“X”) button has been replaced with “<” to indicate that the user is navigating back to the meeting screen and is not ending the meeting.

  • Automatic scrolling to new messages.

  • Clicking return creates a new line, it does not send the message.

September 2021

Chat is now available on a limited basis

The chat feature is now available to a limited number of customers. Use the chat window during a consultation to send messages to other participants.

Organization name added to the welcome message

In the chat window, your organization name now appears before the welcome message.

Poor connection warning

Users are notified if they have a poor network connection.

Send SMS invites to participants

Hosts can invite participants to a consultation using SMS.

Additional languages

Users can now switch to their preferred language in Webex Instant Connect. Choose from English, Spanish, Japanese, or Portuguese.