Patients are able to view their upcoming appointments in their EMR portal and click on a link that starts their browser-based telehealth visit.

While they’re waiting for the healthcare professional to join, patients can test their video, audio and speaker hardware. The healthcare professional also just needs to click the link provided, and they are instantly connected with the patient.

Webex Instant Connect supports the following browsers:

  • Mac OS

    • Chrome version 75 and later

    • Firefox version 60 and later

    • Safari version 10 and later

  • Windows OS

    • Chrome version 75 and later

    • Firefox version 60 and later

    • Edge

  • iOS version 13 and later

    • Safari version 10 and later

    Webex Instant Connect is not supported with iOS 15.1 or Safari 15.1.

  • Android

    • Chrome version 75 and later

Once you open your meeting link, the consultation lobby opens in your browser. Before you connect with your patient, you can test your video, audio and speaker to ensure everything is working.

You can meet with more than just one patient. Webex Instant Connect supports up to 100 participants for each consultation.


When you're ready to start the consultation with the patient, click Start Consultation.

The consultation starts and your patient is added to the meeting.

Use the following meeting controls during your consultation to ensure the patient has the best possible experience during their virtual visit.


Most of these controls are also available to the patient, unless indicated otherwise.

  • button to mute or unmute your microphone – mute or unmute your microphone.

  • button to turn your video on or off – turn your video on or off.

  • button to share your screen – share your screen with the other participants.

  • dial out button (provider only) – dial out to an external number to add another participant, an interpreter for example, to the consultation. Enter the number and then click Call. Use the Keypad if you need to enter digits while on the call, and click End phone call when you're finished.


    This feature is not enabled by default. You must also be signed in to Webex and have the capability to make PSTN calls to use this feature.

  • button to change your video layout – change the video layout, especially if there are more than 2 participants on the consultation. Choose from Single, Prominent or Equal.

  • end meeting – Providers can choose to end the consultation for all participants, or they can leave the consultation and rejoin it at a later time using the same link. If a patient clicks on this, they leave the consultation but it continues until the provider ends it. Patients can also rejoin the consultation at a later time using the same link

  • participants panel – opens the participants panel, where providers can view, mute or remove participants. To remove a participant, click the ellipsis (…) beside the participants name, click Remove from meeting and then click Remove to confirm.

  • chat panel – opens the chat panel, where you can send messages to the other participants. The chat panel is also available in the consultation lobby. Messages are visible to everyone.

  • send feedback button (provider only) – you can send feedback to a preconfigured email address.

  • info button (provider only) – see meeting information such as dial-in numbers and meeting links.

  • network connection – indicates the quality of your network connection. If your network connection drops, a warning message appears to let you know about the problem and the actions you can take to solve it.

  • button to change your camera and microphone – choose which camera and microphone you'd like to use during the consultation.