The Google Contact Center AI (Google CCAI) connector helps your organization establish a trust relationship between your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account and the Cisco product to use Google services.


Ensure to disable the pop-up blocker on the browser before configuring a connector.

Before you begin

  • Create the GCP Project ID and agent application with your relevant account.

  • Place the Contact Center Order on Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). For more information, see the Ordering Guide for your contact center solution on Cisco Collaboration Ordering Guides.

  • The A2Q process will be initiated as part of the order process to ensure the overall solution is eligible to support CCAI services.

  • During the A2Q process, the CCAI provisioning form will be shared on the customer’s email address to be filled at This step is required to map the GCP Project ID with Cisco’s service account. Also, GCP Project ID credentials are validated in the backend before further mappings take place.

  • Share the Project ID and the email address (that is used to sign in and create GCP Project) with a Cisco representative. This is done to create a primary Service Account for billing and enabling all Cisco-entitled AI services for the account.

  • This completes the allow-listing process for billing and an email is sent to the customer with the subject CCAI Onboarding Provision Status Update. The contents of the email includes the updated GCP credentials to use for onboarding purposes.

  • Complete the Assessment to Quality (A2Q) process for Contact Center AI (CCAI) and procure Cisco subscription Flex SKU.

  • As part of order completion, if organization is not available, credentials to set up the customer organization for your Contact Center solution will be provided.

  • Set up the customer organization for your Contact Center solution.


Log in to your customer organization at and navigate to Services > Contact Center > Tenant Settings > Integrations > Connectors.


On the Google Contact Center AI card, click Set Up or Add More.

A new tab opens on the browser.

Click Sign In with Google to authenticate with Google to access the Google Cloud Platform.

A Google Cloud Sign-in dialog box appears.

Sign in to Google with the same ID that you used to create the Google CCAI project.


Grant permissions to view and manage your data.

On successful sign-in, a confirmation message appears.

On the Google Contact Center AI page, enter a name that identifies the purpose of your connector.


Choose the CCAI Project Name from the drop-down list that you created on the Google Cloud Platform.


Choose a billable GCP project name from the Billable Project Name drop-down list. You must have received the billable project name in an email notification.


To use your own GCP project, the CCAI Project Name and the Billable Project Name should be the same.


Choose Billable Service Account from the drop-down list. You must have received the service account details in an email notification.


Click Save.


Click Refresh to view the new connector on the Google Contact Center AI card.

What to do next

Create a Contact Center AI configuration on the Features tab. For more information, see the article Create a Contact Center AI configuration.