The Contact Center AI configuration leverages the built-in and service-specific integration connectors to invoke the AI services provided by Cisco and third-party vendors, respectively.

This contact center solution offers the following CCAI features:

  • Virtual Agent handles conversation with a contact center caller through IVR flows.

  • Agent Answers empowers agents with real-time assistance during the call.

The CCAI features and their availability in contact center solutions are shown in the following table:

Table 1. Availability of CCAI features
Contact Center solution CCAI feature Data Center
  • Webex Contact Center

  • Webex Contact Center Enterprise (WxCCE)

  • Packaged CCE (P/CCE)

Virtual Agent–voice
  • Webex Contact Center: US, UK, Frankfurt, Australia, & Japan.

  • Webex Contact Center Enterprise (WxCCE) & Packaged CCE (P/CCE): Only US (East) & Frankfurt.

  • Webex Contact Center Enterprise (WxCCE)

  • Packaged CCE (P/CCE)

Agent Answers

Only US

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the service-specific integration connector is created. For example, Google Contact Center AI connector and Nuance connector.


Sign in to Control Hub using the customer organization credentials and navigate to Services > Contact Center > Tenant settings > Integrations.


Go to the Connectors tab and click New > Contact Center AI Config.


In the Config Name field, enter a unique name for the configuration.


(Optional) In the Description field, enter a brief description of the configuration.


In the Contact Center AI Connector field, choose one of the following connector type options:

  • Webex CCAI—Choose this option if you want to use the default AI services offered by Cisco.

  • Integration Connector—Choose this option if you want to use the AI services offered by third-party AI platforms such as Google.

The configured connectors get populated in the drop-down list based on the chosen connector type.
  1. From the Select a Connector drop-down list, select a connector.


    The drop-down list displays all the active connectors.

    The connector-specific configurations appear based on the chosen connector.
  2. Enter the connector-specific configuration details.


Choose one or more options to set the default configuration of the CCAI feature:

  • Agent Answers—Set this as a default configuration in your solution for all calls that use the Agent Answer services. This feature is not applicable to the Webex Contact Center solution.

  • Virtual Agent—Set this as a default configuration in your solution for all conversations that use Virtual Agent.


Click Save.

You receive a confirmation message after the configuration is successfully saved. The configured card, with a Contact Center AI label, appears on the Features page.