How Do I Troubleshoot Latency for Residential Users?

How Do I troubleshoot latency for residential users?

How Do I troubleshoot latency with a home user?


Review the following when troubleshooting latency issues for residential users:

  1. Identify the source of latency:
    1. Have the user run three traceroutes to their Webex site.
    2. Capture three speed test results. These results can be obtained speed test sites like It is recommended that the user run a trace to the server closest to them, and then a trace to the server closest to their Webex site location.
  2. Check the user's connection type / connection speed:
    • Satellite connections use burst technology and are not reliable connections for real-time internet activities like Webex meetings.
    • If the user is on a wireless network, have them connect physically to their router.
    • If latency persists, disconnect from the router & connect directly to the DSL / Cable modem.
For bandwidth requirements in the Webex Meetings, see: Cisco Webex Network Bandwidth Technical Paper
  1. Check for and disable VPNs or Proxy connections on the network:
    VPNs can create latency as the connection has to double-back through the user's network before reaching the internet.
    Proxy servers can cache packets and cause delay or timeouts. Bypass proxies by adding an exception for Webex.



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