How Do I Capture a Process Dump using ProcDump?

How do I capture a process dump using ProcDump?

Can I use ProcDump to capture Webex Application crash dump?

How do I use ProcDump to gather a process dump?


Follow steps below to generate a process dump using ProcDump:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Download ProcDump and save to a folder. For example: C:\Webex
  3. Extract contents of to the same folder.
  4. Open a CMD window as an administrator and input the below command:
    • CD C:\Webex
  5. Hit the Enter key.
  6. Enter the following command:
    • procdump atmgr.exe (Webex process name). Make sure the process is running.
  7. Hit the Enter key.
    • You can add attribute '-e' and '-h' while collecting the dump. For example: procdump -e -h atmgr.exe
    • -e: Write a dump when the process encounters an unhandled exception. Include the 1 to create dump on first chance exceptions.
    • -h: Write dump if process has a hung window (does not respond to window messages for at least 5 seconds).
  8. Click Agree on the ProcDump License Agreement.
  9. When the DMP File (.DMP) is generated, the CMD window will notify the user with a Dump initiated / Dump complete / Dump count reached message.
  10. Send the DMP File (.DMP) located under C:\Webex to your support agent.

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