• The Devices page of Control Hub indicates all Webex Go devices as Status Unavailable. Administrators can however retrieve the status by selecting the device from User view.

  • Terminations to the Webex Go endpoint may be longer than that for other Webex Calling devices. After provisioning Webex Go for a user, admins are recommended to increase the number of rings before playing the ‘no answer’ message to 6 (default value is 3). End users can also update this configuration from the settings.webex.com portal (Setting: Number of rings before greeting)

    Voicemail setting on Control Hub

    Voicemail setting on user portal

  • Two-digit extension dialing isn’t supported on Webex Go.

  • When a user declines a call on the Webex Go device, the other Webex Calling endpoints (MPP, Webex application) continues to ring. On the other hand, if a Webex Go user declines a call on MPP or Webex App, the call is processed through busy service.

  • When a user places a call on hold on the Webex Go device, music on hold is not played.

  • When activating Webex Go, the plan name shows as TIM on an Apple iPhone.

  • Webex Go users won’t receive voicemail notifications on the built-in mobile dialer. However, voicemails can be retrieved by long pressing 1 or dialing *86 from the Webex Go line in the built-in dialer. Voicemails are also available from the Webex App.