Use Control Hub to specify your contact information for CI-linked sites.

The information that you specify appears for each of the following scenarios:

  • When a user selects Downloads > Version information .

  • When a user selects Support > Help > Contact Support .

  • When a Webex Support user selects Support > Contact Us > Contact Support .

  • When a host tries to log in to their locked or deactivated account.


If your site has a customized Help URL in the left navigation, this feature isn’t available.


Sign in to Site Administration, and go to Configuration > Common Site Settings > Site Admin Contact Info .


In the Contact Info dialog box, enter the contact information for the site administrator.

You can create a custom message and provide details such as the name, phone number, and email address of the site administrator. A preview of the message is shown.


Select Update .

Support page, with customized support information.

Sign in to Control Hub.


In the left navigation pane, under Management, click Organization Settings.


In the Help and support information section, enter your organization's Contact support URL, Description, and Help Site URL.

  1. Contact support—URL where your organization's users open support cases.

  2. Description—Specify details to be presented to a user about your Webex organization's support, such as hours of operation, phone number for urgent support, etc.

  3. In the Help Site section, enter the URL to your company's knowledge base.


Click Save.

To ensure your customers open support cases using the details above and not with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), see Adjust settings in Get Started with Control Hub.