Suppress Emails for Your Organization

To control and monitor the emails that are sent to your users, you can suppress the emails that are automatically sent to Cisco Webex users from Control Hub. You can only suppress emails that are sent to new licensed users or inactive users, not the emails sent to users converted from free to paid users.

Email suppression is only available for single sign-on (SSO) customers to avoid users going through multiple steps to access their account.


From the customer view in, go to Settings and scroll to Email.


Toggle the Suppress Admin Invite emails to on and then click Save.

Best Practices

If you decide to create your own communication instead, keep these things in mind.

Customized Email Recommendations

When you create your own customized email invitation, you should include these details::

  • Your company's goals and plan for the rollout.

  • The value and purpose of Webex.

  • If you have purchased Webex with Cisco Webex Meetings, include the link to the Personal Meeting Room (PMR.)

  • Internal support links for your users.

  • Links to internal training content for users.

  • Link to the end user portal:

  • Include instructions for users to activate their account. They sign in on the SSO page using their company credentials and are automatically signed in to Webex.

Tips for Tracking Inactive Users

For inactive users, Control Hub provides the ability to send out reminder email invites. As these reminder email invites are suppressed, you must track these inactive users and send out reminder email invites manually.

Conversion from Free to Paid Users

When users converted from free to paid users, the email invites will not be suppressed as users have to be notified of the conversion.