Dedicated Instance Tier 1 Support

Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

Basic Support entitles you to unlimited 24-hour access to technical support in English for break and fix issues over the phone, web, or email within one business day for lower-severity cases, and within a 60- minute initial response time for severity 1 and 2 cases. Your Basic Support includes access to the knowledge base, as well as all software updates and upgrades during the term of your subscription. Enhanced and Premium Support are also available at an additional cost. For more information on TAC support, visit the Collaboration on Sales Connect.

Access to 'Support Services for Collaboration on Sales Connect' requires partner’s login.

Following are few technical issues or assistance specific to Dedicated Instance:

  • Control Hub support:

    • Any technical issues under the Calling > Dedicated Instance tab.

    • Analytics & Subscription tabs, specific to Dedicated Instance.

  • Customer on-boarding requests such as:

    • Opening of firewall ports in Dedicated Instance datacenters. For more information on the allowed firewall ports, refer Network and Security requirements.

    • Adding DNS entries in the Dedicated Instance DNS servers, for eg. the LDAP server FQDN etc.

  • Service downtime inquiries: In this situation, confirm service availability and status on your customer’s network, including Cloud Connectivity, PSTN network, or SIP connectivity for telephony integrations.

  • Assistance with Phone firmware, Language packs and Device packs (locale files) to be installed in the UC application. You need to provide the name and version of the software package to be installed and we will upload those specific packages to a SFTP server in Dedicated Instance datacenter and share the following details with you. Using which, you can install the COP files as per your convenience and maintenance planned:

    • SFTP sever IP address.

    • Path of the software location.

    • SFTP server credentials.

  • Peering Support: For any peering purchased, the initial level of debugging and troubleshooting is done by you or your customer's IT staff before reaching out to Cisco TAC. This applies to Partner Connect, Webex Edge Connect or Virtual Connect peering.

    • For Partner Connect a request with the Dot1qTag needs to be provided, for more information refer Partner Connect.

  • Software upgrades of UC applications in Dedicated Instance.

  • Other common issues, including:

    • Integration of PSTN services.

    • SSO setup assistance in UC applications.

    • Potential UC application issues or defect which you would want to notify us.

For quick assignment of the case, to the correct Dedicated Instance TAC team, follow the below process mentioned while raising the support case:

  1. Sign into Cisco Support Case Manager at

  2. Select Open New CaseProduct and ServicesOpen Case.

    Do not choose the Webex option.

  3. Check Entitlement:

    Click Find Product by Service Agreement. Input either the Subscription Number or Service Contract Number, depending on what you must verify the entitlement and click Next.

  4. Describe the Problem:

    Enter the problem description and choose the Severity of the case. Refer the above section to mention the scope of the request in the description. This helps the TAC to engage the correct team quickly.

  5. Manually select the following technology,

    Technology: Collaboration and Conferencing,

    Sub Technology: UCM Cloud / Dedicated Instance (DI).

  6. For P1/2s, please call TAC Frontline for quicker assistance.

    Use the DI Subscription or Service Contract for the entitlement verification. Make sure your CCO account is associated with it.