If you are provisioning Webex for BroadWorks users using flow-through provisioning with untrusted emails, users must self-provision by entering their email address in the User Activation Portal. If the user encounters an error, they can use the Try again option that displays in the portal to make another attempt. If the user reencounters the error, the administrator can use the below steps in Partner Hub to review the status and either onboard the user, delete the user, or apply configuration changes.


Sign in to Partner Hub and find the Customer List page.


Click View Templates. Select the appropriate Onboarding template you want to apply to this user.


Under User Verification, verify that the following settings are set to ensure that flow-through provisioning with untrusted emails is configured properly:

  • The Untrusted Emails option must be checked
  • The Share Link field must point to the Activation link. If everything is configured, users can attempt to self-provision via the User Activation Portal.

After user provisioning occurs, in the User Verification section, click Show User Status to check provisioning status.

The User Status view displays the list of users along with details such as the BroadWorks ID, selected package type, and the current Status, which shows if the user is provisioned, or if there is pending requirement.

For users with errors or pending requirements, click the three dots on the right and choose one of the following administrative options:

  • Retry Activation—Click this option to retry onboarding the user. In the popup window, enter a valid email address and click Onboard.
  • Delete User—This option may be appropriate if you need to change the configuration in order to allow onboarding. After you delete the user and make your changes, the user can try onboarding once again.
  • Change Package Type—Change the setting from one package to another:
  • Copy Error Text—Click this option to copy the error text.

Additional View Options

The following additional options are available when viewing the list of users:

  • Export—Click this button if you want to export the user list to a CSV file.

  • Exclude provisioned users—Enable this toggle if you want to view only users with pending requirements or errors.