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Send Expressway Connector Logs to the Cloud

You can send logs from the Expressway-C to the Cisco Webex cloud so support can diagnose issues with Webex Hybrid Services.

Before You Begin

  • To see this logging option, you must have a supported version of Expressway with Cisco Webex Hybrid Services enabled. See this document for more information.

  • The Expressway must have port access for HTTPS or secure web sockets outbound to *.clouddrive.com: TCP port 443 (secure).

    1 On an Expressway-C node or cluster, go to Hybrid Services > Applications > Connector Logging, and then click Send.
    2 In the dialogue box that appears, click OK. To search for specific logs:
    • Use Generated Search Key for a cluster.
    • Use Serial Number for a node.

    A notification of the Generated Search Key for the logs appears and the logs are uploaded to the cloud.

    3 Choose one:
    • If you want to open a new ticket at this point, go to the customer view in https:/​/​admin.webex.com, click your username, and then choose Feedback. Provide the generated search key or serial number to support.
    • If you're already working with support, provide them with the generated search key or serial number.

    If there's a network issue, you'll see an error appear in the Expressway interface. In a cluster scenario, even if there's a network issue from the main node, the logs send from the other remote nodes but not from the node on which the command was initiated.

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