Both the Cisco Headset 560 Series and the Cisco Headset 730 can retain call control features when there is more than one open calling client on your Windows or Mac desktop. Instead of broadcasting a button press to all open applications, headset controls only impact one calling application at a time.

For example, you can mute an active call in Cisco Webex and then answer an incoming Cisco Jabber call through the Jabber UI. While you’re on the Jabber call, call controls through the headset only impact Jabber. When the Jabber call is complete, you can resume your Webex call and maintain call control through your headset.

Keep the following in mind when you have multiple calling apps open on your desktop:

  • Active calls don't automatically hold when you answer an incoming call on a different application. Be sure to hold or mute a call on one application before you answer an incoming call on a different calling app.

  • Multi-app control is only available with Cisco Webex, Webex Meetings, and Cisco Jabber (version 12.9 or later) over Bluetooth or with the USB cable. Partial multi-app functionality on the Cisco Headset 730 is available with Microsoft Teams through the USB cable.

The following table shows the minimum headset firmware requirements for multi-app support.

Table 1. Minimum Firmware Requirements

Headset Model

Firmware Version

Cisco Headset 560 Series

Headset Firmware 2.1 or later

Cisco Headset 730

Firmware version 1-6-0-150 or later