Will my Producer share the presentation content, either with application sharing or screen sharing, or on my behalf during a Webex meeting or event?

Our best practice is to make sure the presenter is comfortable sharing their own content through training and support, as the presenter has the best understanding of their presentation. If the Producer needs to share the content, it takes focus away from managing the event and can impact timely responses to technical questions from the audience as well. We cannot guarantee that technical problems won’t occur during the sharing of your content, such as power failure or internet connection loss. If after discussing the risks with your Producer you prefer to have them share your content, they will do so to the best of their ability. Please note that if you are streaming to our webcasting platform, the Producer’s ability to multitask between running your content and managing the event is especially limited.

Will the Producer assist me with managing Slido content in my event?

Yes. Please invite your Producer to collaborate on your Slido through the share menu option at the upper right when you create your event with your Webex Slido license. Your Producer will assist you with creating polls if needed and will discuss the best way to share the polls, questions (if used) and results for your type of Webex session.

What is the best way to share a video file in a Webex meeting or event?

The preferred method will vary depending on the type of Webex session you are using. For a classic event, the preferred mode is to do a file share in the content viewer. For a new event (Webinar), webcast or meeting you will use Desktop or App Share, in the Auto-Optimize or Optimize for Motion & Video mode, with Computer Audio sharing selected (unless you prefer not to share the video’s audio track).

Will the Producer moderate audio Q&A for me?

The Producer can mute and unmute attendee audio within a Webex event (not in a Webcast as attendees can’t come off mute in Webcast). The Attendees use the “Raise Hand” option to signal they want to be unmuted. The Producer can then unmute the lines in turn and introduce that attendee on the call, muting them again after their question.

What is the best way to manage a Q&A session during a large event?

The easiest way to manage the Q&A in a large (high attendance) event is with Slido or the Webex Q&A panel where attendees can submit their questions in writing. Slido has the added advantage of allowing the audience to up-vote questions, so you can respond to those that hold the highest interest among your audience members. If possible, having a moderator read the questions for the presenters to respond allows for a more natural, conversational tone.

Please discuss privacy/anonymity requirements with your Producer.

How far in advance should I reserve Production Assist Services, and what deadlines should I be aware of for planning?

You will have the best availability if you book at least 3 weeks out from your event. If you are using a Premium Assist, please plan to have your rehearsal two to three days out from your event and try to have your presentation materials as complete as possible at that time. If you would like your Producer to import your materials into a Webex event and review for rendering accuracy they should be delivered to the Producer at least 24 hours before your event. If your slides use custom fonts and you will not be using Desktop or App Share, please also include the font files for us to install.

How do I identify the maximum attendee capacity for Webex Events/Webcasts with my Host Account?

your Webex site administrator will have this information. Please contact your site administrator or Cisco account team.

Is my Producer a technical support representative?

No, Producers are trained and certified in best practices delivering Webex events and meetings. The Producer can answer basic technical questions for audience members using the Q&A window and will assist panelists and presenters in joining the session. More comprehensive technical issues will be referred to technical support.

Will my Producer be able to prevent technical issues from occurring during an event?

No, however your Producer will assist in keeping the event running and provide workaround options if a technical issue should arise. More complex technical issues related to service outages or site issues will be escalated to technical support.

Is my producer able to monitor packet loss and technical information during an event?

The Producer will be focused on managing your event and will not be monitoring technical tools. We do have a stand-alone Technical Monitoring service as well as a Premium Plus Assist which includes both the Producer support and Technical Monitoring staff.

How quickly can I expect a response from my produce when I email questions to them regarding my event?

Producers work varying shifts and are often supporting live events with customers throughout the day. Producers typically respond within one business day.

What format will you use to provide my recording?

We have two recording types, the internal to Webex recording, and a screen capture recording taken from the Attendee view. The internal recordings are MP4 or NBR format, and the screen capture recording can be provided in either WMV or MP4 (your preference) within 24-48 hours after your event. For events longer than one hour, more time may be needed to process and edit the recording.

Will Producers support any released version of Webex?

Yes. Production Assist Services supports all generally available versions of Webex and associated apps, such as Slido. We begin formal training on upcoming releases approximately one month in advance and hands-on training as soon as released to internal beta sites.

External beta/public preview releases are not supported nor recommended for use outside test environments prior to GA.

Contact us:

  • The Production Services Team is U.S. based

  • Business hours: 4AM-9PM Pacific Time (M-F)

    • Service outside these hours may be available if scheduled with additional notice

For questions, email: webexproductionservices@cisco.com

Response time:

  • New reservations: 3 business days

  • Change requests to our Scheduling Team: As soon as possible within business hours if scheduled with additional notice