Error: 'SAML User Authentication Failed with Error Code 18'

Error: 'SAML user authentication failed with error code 18'

Unable to login to Webex host account: Error 18

I cannot sign into my SSO-enabled Webex account: Error 18

I get an error 18: 'SAML user authentication failed' when I try to log in.

This issue usually occurs when Single sign-on (SSO) is enabled on a Cisco Webex Meetings Site, and the user's host account is deactivated either in the company's active directory or site administration for the Webex site.


If you are a host or user getting this error, please check with your site administrator and local IT department for help with checking your account status. You will need to have your account reactivated to fix the problem.

Site Administrators Only

Verify that the user's host account is not disabled in Cisco Webex Meetings Site Administration, and the user's account is active on your company Active Directory.

If the user's host account appears as active in Cisco Webex Meetings Site Administration, please contact Technical Support.

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