Business texting

All Cisco Calling Plan customer administrators can centrally provision and manage business texting in Control Hub.

Prerequisite for using business texting:

  • You must have Cisco Calling Plan in the US or Canada to use the feature.

  • This feature is available only to Enterprise customers. Online customers are currently not eligible to use business texting.

  • Every user must have a primary telephone number (TN) assigned by Cisco Calling Plan in US or Canada locations, else you can't use business texting.

  • Ensure you’re on Webex App version 42.12 or higher.

Here are few benefits of using business texting:

For End Users

  • Be reachable and reach out to your customers using texting, which is a universal and effective modality.

  • Use your business persona and work phone number as opposed to your personal identity.

  • Access business texting from the familiar and ergonomic Webex App, an environment you that have and are comfortable.

For an Administrator

  • Easy to configure and manage the feature using ​Control Hub.

  • Add this critical customer-facing channel at no incremental cost.​

  • Business texting enjoys the same business compliance and retention capabilities as other modalities.

Enable Business texting for an organization

An administrator can enable the business texting feature for an entire organization. Ensure that they are an existing Cisco Calling Plan customer in the United States or Canada.


From the administrator view in, go to Calling and select Service Settings.


Scroll to Business texting provisioning and enable the toggle for Enable business texting for all users at the location. This option allows users in the organization to use the feature.


If you have custom settings for a User, then user settings take a precendence over the organization settings.

You can enable business texting for specific users in the organization.

Provision business texting for users

If Webex business texting is available at the user's location, then you can enable business texting for the account from Control Hub. Using this feature, the user can:

  • Be always reachable using the text option.

  • Protect personal identity like name and phone number of the individual and use business persona for communication.


From the administrator view in, go to Users and select the user you wish to enable this feature.


On the user profile, select Calling and scroll to business texting. Enable the toggle for business texting. You can choose from these two settings:

  • Use the organization's default settings
  • Override default settings.

What to do next

The user can now send and receive text messages from Webex App.

Limitation for business texting

Here are the known limitations with this feature:

  • Webex Calling Business Texting is fully compliant and is a critical feature. By default, all customers have 400 days of retentions for Business Texting.

    Initially, you can’t customize the retention time frame in Control Hub.

  • Events API and eDiscovery are currently not available.

  • MMS and International Texts (both incoming and outgoing) aren’t supported.

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