This article is about managing Webex assistant skills in Control Hub. If you want to build a skill, visit https://developer.webex.com/docs/api/guides/webex-assistant-skills-guide.

Webex Assistant skills are applications that integrate with the Webex Assistant to enhance its functionality. These skills can be created by Cisco, our partners, our customers, or our developer community.

Developers may choose to publish their skills, which means that all Webex organizations can use them, or to keep them private. If your organization creates a private skill, no other organizations can use it.

In Control Hub you can manage skills for your organization as follows:

  • Find and enable skills

  • Disable skills


  • You need Webex-registered devices to interact with Webex Assistant skills. This includes the following devices:

    Webex Desk Series

    • Desk Hub (* requires monitor)

    • Desk Mini

    • Desk

    • Desk Pro

    Webex Board Series

    • Board 55, 70

    • Board 55S, 70S, 85S

    • Board Pro 55, 75

    Webex Room Series

    • Room Bar

    • Room 55S, 70S G2

    • Room 55D, 70D G2

    • Room 70 Panorama

    • Room Kit Mini

    • Room Kit

    • Room Kit Plus

      • Codec Plus

    • Room Kit Pro

      • Code Pro

  • There are no additional liensing requirements from Webex to enable skills for your organization.

  • You may need a license when your skills interact with third-party offerings. For example, if you have a skill that creates entries in a third-party database, you may need to provide that skill with an appropriately licensed user's credentials.


  • Skills are currently only available for Webex Assistant on devices.

    We do not yet support skills for Webex Assistant in meetings.

  • You enable or disable skills for all devices in your organization.

    We do not yet have a way to limit skills to specific devices or people.

  • Skills can be developed in the following languages:

    • English

    • French

    • Spanish

    • German

  • Skills currently use the device's identifier. We do not yet identify or authenticate specific users, so a skill cannot have different responses for different users.

  • Skills cannot have duplicate invocation words.

Security considerations

  • Skills configuration requires full administrator role for the organization.

  • Webex Assistant forwards a limited context to agents, to ensure data privacy.

  • Skills require request signature (HMAC) to confirm the authenticity of client requests.

  • Webex Assistant uses RSA algorithm to encrypt all messages to skills.

  • Skills confirm decryption to Webex Assistant by answering challenge.

Assistant Skills developer portal access requirements

  • The Assistant Skills developer portal is built as a Webex integration. If you are controlling which integrations can access your organization, you need to allow the Assistant Skills developer portal:

    1. Sign in to Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com, and open the Apps page.

    2. Click the Integrations tab, and use the dropdown to select that you want to search for the app by ID.

    3. Search for the Assistant Skills developer portal using the following ID (without the line break):



    4. Select Assistant Skills Developer Portal.

    5. Enable Access for Future Users.

    6. Save.

  • Because it is a Webex integration, the portal requires that your developers sign in with their Webex accounts.

  • When your skills developers first sign in to the Assistant Skills developer portal ( https://skills-developer.intelligence.webex.com/), they need to grant the portal these permissions:

    • Read your company directory

    • Access to read your user's organizations

Read more at the Webex Assistant Skills - Troubleshooting article.

Webex Assistant skills are listed in Control Hub. When you see the list of skills, you can find specific skills by:
  • Filtering based on whether it's public or private, by the status of the skill, or by supported languages.

  • Sorting by the skill's name or other properties.

  • Searching for a skill by its name or invocation words.

To enable a skill in your organization:


Sign in to Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com and go to Apps.


Click Assistant Skills.


Find and select the skill you want to enable.

The skills properties pane opens.

Slide the switch named Enable for users to the Enabled position.

Devices in your organization are now listening for the skill's invocation words.
To remove a skill from your organization:

Sign in to Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com and go to Apps.


Click Assistant Skills.


Find and select the skill you want to remove.


Slide the switch named Enable for users to the Disabled position.


Read the warning, and click Confirm.

You'll see a success message, and the skill is no longer available to devices in your organization.