• Once you complete these steps to update an existing users' license, you must synchronize users to Webex Contact Center Management Portal on Webex Control Hub. Navigate to Services > Contact Center > Settings and click Synchronize Users.

  • Ensure that the licenses are updated in the Management Portal - Users Module.

Before you begin

If you're trying to add users who used their email address in the past to create a trial Webex account, delete their organization before adding them to your customer organization.


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com go to Users, and then click Manage Users.


Select Manually Add or Modify Users.


(Optional) If you automatically send welcome emails, then click Next.


Choose one of the following and click Next:

  • Select Email address, and enter up to 25 email addresses.
  • Select Names and Email addresses, and then enter up to 25 names and email addresses.

Select Contact Center and choose the license type to assign:

  • For Standard Agent, select Standard Agent.
  • For Premium Agent license, the options are:

    • For Agent, select Agent.

    • For Supervisor, select Supervisor.

    • For Administrator:

      • For a new user, you must first create the user with Premium Agent license and in the user details page, select Administrator Roles > Full administrator privileges.

      • For an existing user, select the user from the users details page, then select Administrator Roles > Full administrator privileges.

      • To remove administrator privilege, select Administrator Roles > No administrator privileges.


Click Save.

An email is sent to each person with an invite to join.


Review the summary page of records processed, and click Finish.

Before you begin

If you have more than one CSV file for your organization, then upload a file. Once the task is complete, you can upload the next file.

Some spreadsheet editors remove the + sign from cells when the .csv is opened. You should use a text editor to make .csv updates. If you use a spreadsheet editor, ensure to set the cell format to text, and then add any + signs that were removed.


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Users, click Manage Users and choose CSV Add or Modify Users.


Click Export to download the file and enter user information in a new line in the CSV file to set either of these licenses:

  • For Standard Agent, set Webex Contact Center Standard column to TRUE
  • For Premium Agent, set Webex Contact Center Premium columns to TRUE. An Agent role gets assigned to the user.


    If both Standard and Premium columns are set to FALSE, then the Webex Contact Center license will be removed.

  • For providing Supervisor or Administrator role, update the roles manually as mentioned in the above article Add Users Manually in Cisco Webex Control Hub.


Click Import, select your file, and click Open.


Once the CSV file is loaded, scroll down and choose either Add services only or Add and remove services and click Submit.


After the import is complete, close the Tasks dialog box.


Now, you must update user attributes in the Management Portal. Log in to the Management Portal and navigate to Provisioning > Users and then click Upload.

For more information on Bulk Upload, see the Upload Agent Update Template section in Cisco Webex Contact Center Management Portal Online Help document.