We’re delighted to announce that Webex for Government is now available to customers with existing FedRAMP-Authorized Cisco Webex Meetings sites.

The all new Webex experience is now FedRAMP authorized and brings everyone together to do exceptional work: one easy-to-use and secure app to call, message, meet and get work done. In real-time or anytime, Webex is the engaging, intelligent and inclusive app that creates exceptional experiences and makes working together distinctly better.

This Webex for Government upgrade delivers the single Webex app for messaging, calling, and meetings, Webex Control Hub for real-time analytics and diagnostics, a stunning new video-centric experience, streaming, and much more.

Read on to learn more and prepare. When you're ready to upgrade, contact support.

Existing FedRAMP-Authorized Cisco Webex Meetings sites now leverage some services provided by an authorized interconnect with the new Webex for Government system.

This interconnect introduced new dataflows between the two systems for advanced analytics and SIP calling. You can find more details on the new system in the Webex for Government System Security Plan on https://max.gov.


Before you upgrade, make sure you've established connectivity to the Webex for Government cloud as described in the Network Requirements for Webex for Government.

Upgrading your meetings site without correctly opening these ports and IP ranges can lead to disruption in your meeting service.

Steps After Upgrade

We highly recommend that you do some essential validation of your Webex environment after the upgrade to ensure that your users see a smooth transition. Test the following basic scenarios on your upgraded site:

  • Start and join meetings from your Webex Meetings desktop app.

  • Try starting and joining meetings both from within your network and from outside your network. In each case, check basic meeting functionality (VoIP, video, content sharing).

  • Test starting and joining meetings from your video devices and verify audio, video, and sharing.

  • Test PSTN dial-in and dial-out in all applicable scenarios in your environment.

Contact Support

Call 877-669-1782 to reach our dedicated Cisco FedRAMP Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in the U.S. If you do not have the phone number handy, you may contact Cisco Support who will route you to the Cisco FedRAMP TAC.

New Features For Users

Video Platform 2.0

We hope you'll love our stunning new video-centric collaboration experience. You don't need to take any action; after the upgrade, your users will automatically get this amazing experience:

  • Simultaneous individual video streams in a 5x5 grid view (instead of active speaker only).

  • Users can share video content in high frame rate along with audio.

  • Video-centric MP4 recordings in the cloud show the participants in high-resolution, full-screen video when no content is shared.

  • Up to 200 users can now join your meetings from video devices, up from 25.

  • See the entire participant list on Touch devices.

  • Users on dual-screen Cisco video devices can see participant video on both screens.

  • Control the meeting using numeric key commands with on-prem registered devices; lock and unlock the meeting, mute all participants, and start or stop recordings.

  • Join Webex events as a panelist on a video device.

  • Share whiteboards on capable Cisco video devices.

  • For improved security, users on video devices can wait in the visual lobby until the host admits them.

  • Users on video devices that belong to your organization can join unlocked meetings directly.

  • Rich integration with Webex Rooms systems including wireless control of your room systems and wireless content sharing right from the comfort of your Webex app.

To deliver an optimal experience, allow for a minimum of 2.0 Mbps for single-screen devices, and higher bandwidth with multiscreen devices.

Note the following:
  • Devices that use the H.263 video codec display shared meeting content embedded inside the main video feed, together with other participants’ video.

  • Webex for Government does not support for Cisco video devices that have reached End of Life, including CTS-series systems

  • Cisco cannot guarantee the content-sharing experience when other conferencing bridges call into a Webex meeting.

PSTN Support for 1,000 callers

Your Webex meetings will now allow up to 1,000 attendees to dial in over PSTN.

Cisco Webex app

Embark on the best Webex experience yet! This single app for messaging, calling, and meetings makes working together distinctly better. Users can download and sign in to the new app using their existing Webex Meetings credentials.

New to Messaging? Use the Webex app to bring your meetings and messaging into a continuous workflow. Want to know more? Check it out. Ready to install? We've got instructions and best practices for app deployment here.

The Webex Meetings app on desktop or mobile hasn’t gone away. We won't ask or force users to download the new Webex app.

Go big with Streaming

Easily stream your meetings and events to large audiences on Facebook or YouTube. Administrators can manage streaming permissions within the Site Administration portal. Read details here.

Cisco Webex Meetings Scheduler for Office 365

The meeting scheduler for Office 365 allows users to schedule Webex meetings or Webex Personal Room meetings directly from the Microsoft Outlook desktop or web apps. Learn how to configure the add-in here.

New Features for Administrators

Cisco Webex Control Hub

Control Hub is the unified administration portal for all Cisco collaboration services—calling, meetings, messaging, and devices. After the upgrade, you’ll receive the Control Hub account activation email at the email address you specify in the upgrade request.

Analytics. Leverage detailed interactive usage information for analytics, like:

  • A 10-minute data refresh means you can confidently report any time.

  • Meetings analytics and network quality reporting

  • Identify users with repetitive network quality issues and cross-launch into troubleshooting

  • Network quality KPIs and metrics for VoIP, video and join meeting time (JMT)

  • Trending charts with summary statistics

  • Correlations with connection type and region/location

Real-Time Troubleshooting.

  • Pinpoint a meeting where users are experiencing issues to troubleshoot real-time.

  • Drill down into meetings on a per participant basis and see detailed information about the audio, video, and sharing quality of a meeting. 

    See the CPU usage of the device a participant used to join the meeting.

  • Data is updated every minute so you can diagnose problems as they arise.

In addition, you can use Control Hub to easily add Cisco Webex cloud-registered boards and video devices, and set up Webex app security, data retention, and compliance policies for your organization.

Learn how to use Control Hub for FedRAMP here.

For upgraded Webex sites, Meetings user management will remain in Site Administration. In the near future, we will provide upgrade options to move Meetings user management to Control Hub as well.

Webex for Government Identity and Domain Claim

Webex for Government is based on our robust identity model that uniquely identifies all users with their email and associates them with the organization that customers can manage. This foundational identity tenant ensures that customers can apply the policies and controls that matter to them on their content and users.

While this unique identity model comes as a change to existing FedRAMP-authorized Webex meetings customers, it is the basis for allowing users to collaborate with modern tools and organize into group to create and share content within the bounds of security protocols.

As part of the upgrade to Webex for Government, Cisco will claim the administrator’s email domain and other user email domains you provide that are under your organization's control. If you add users from a new domain, you must claim the domain. (Make sure you go to Webex for Government Control Hub). By claiming the email domains belonging to your organization, you ensure that your users do not create their personal accounts on www.webex.com using their work addresses. You also ensure that your organization’s content policies are continuously applicable to employees when they create or share content on Webex.

If you need to maintain multiple organizations where users share the same email domain, contact support.

Impacts During the Upgrade

While we make every attempt to minimize the impact of the upgrade, your site may experience the following while the upgrade is in progress:

  • Your Webex site may be temporarily unavailable for a few minutes.

  • You may not be able to start meetings or use Personal Rooms for a few minutes.

  • Meetings that started before the upgrade window may be temporarily interrupted or unexpectedly ended.

  • Attendees joining an in-progress session after the upgrade may face join issues or have audio issues. We recomment the host to end or restart the session.

  • Network-based recordings may take longer than 24 hours to process.

Current Issues

For a list of known issues, workarounds, and fixes, see Webex for Government Known Issues and Considerations.

Feedback and Questions

Thank you for upgrading to Webex for Government. We welcome your feedback—to let us know how we're doing or get additional help, contact support.