Webcam Tracer

Webcam Tracer

What is the Webcam Tracer utility?

How do I gather data related to video freezing issues within a Webex session?

This is a utility used to gather data related to video freezing issues within a Webex session.
Supported OS/Version
Windows 7
Supported Cisco Webex Product Version
All Cisco Webex meeting service versions


Instructions (How to capture logs)
  1. Set Capture file:
    1. Launch amcap.exe.
    2. Go to File, then select Set Capture File.
    3. Set your destination folder and name for your file.
    4. After you set your name, it will ask you to set the file size.  Set this 50 MB.
  2. Select Device:
    1. Click on the Devices menu and choose your camera.
    2. Under the Options menu, select Preview.  You should now see your video.
  3. Start Capture:
    1. Go to the Capture menu and select Start Capture.
    2. During the video capture, please observe the video panel to see if it freezes up.
  4. Saving the Capture file:
    1. Go to the File menu and select Saved Captured Video.
    2. Rename your file and save.
    3. Check the file.  It should be the correct file size for your capture.
  • Please use amcap.exe to see if you can duplicate the video freezing that you experienced in the Webex session.
  • During the video capture, please observe the Amcap video window to see if your video freezes.
  • Please make sure that this is tested on the computers that experienced the video freezing in Webex sessions.
  • Since this issue in the Webex sessions is intermittent, it would be best to test this more than once on the computer experiencing the problem.  We are trying to determine if the video freezing also occurs while using other video capturing software.

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