Error: Cannot Connect to Audio or Video, While Joining Audio or Video in the Meeting

Error: Cannot Connect to Audio or Video, while joining audio or video in the meeting.

Error: You cannot connect to audio or video because we cannot validate the security certificate for your Webex site.

Error: This error may occur because your certificate is not yet valid, your certificate is expired, or the certificate has been modified and is no longer valid.


This issue will occur if * is not allowed on the customer network. See the error message below:

User-added image

Beginning March 31, 2021, this Certificate Revocation List is hosted by IdenTrust and will require the following domain to be reachable:
  • *

To troubleshoot this issue:
  • Verify if the following certificate is present on your computer:
    • IdenTrust Commercial Root CA 1
  • If any of these certificates are missing, contact your IT Helpdesk for help with adding these certificates.
  • If the above certificates are present, the network administrator must allow the following:
    • *

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