What Information Do I Need when Reporting a Teleconference Issue?

What information do I need when I report a teleconference issue?

What information is needed by Webex when reporting a teleconference issue?

Telephony Escalation Template

Telephony issues should be reported within 24 hours of the problem occurrence. Webex cannot guarantee that telephony logs will be available after 24 hours from the reported incident. Telephony issues that have occurred more than 24 hours from the current time are a best effort investigation only. It is not possible to investigate telephony issues that have occurred more than 30 days ago.
Complete the appropriate template below to the best of your ability and provide as much information as possible. Contact the support team aligned to your site once the information has been gathered, see: WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?
General Requirements For All Telephony Issues

  • Meeting details or Audio Only join info
  • Include specific errors or voice prompts received when issue occurs
  • What Webex phone numbers/features affected?
  • Call in or Call-Back feature used in meeting?
  • Toll or toll free affected, or both?
  • Meeting number or access code (if applicable)
  • Telephone number affected user called from
  • Date and time issue occurred
  • How many users affected?
  • Can you duplicate (both toll/toll-free)?  Include exact steps, including keypad/phone input
  • Who is your Telco provider?
  • What type of phone is being used (VoIP, Mobile, etc.)
  • Corporate or residential phone?
  • What is the physical location of the person experiencing the issue?

Dropped Calls
  • How many users dropped?
  • Where are affected users physically located?
  • Error messages heard/displayed prior to drop
  • Date and time of call drop
  • Did host drop from teleconference?
  • Did host drop from data portion of meeting?
  • Any issues with rejoining teleconference session?
Call-Back Issues
  • Can issue be duplicated on multiple phones, internal/external to company?
  • What status does the meeting show for the call?
  • Where is the user located?
Voice Quality/Static (Issue needs to be troubleshot live if possible)
  • What kind of phone is in use (Mobile, speakerphone, handset, headset, VoIP phone, etc)?
  • Does muting participants or speakers resolve issue?
  • Can issue be duplicated in a new conference?
  • How many people in session?
Fast Busy/Dead Air
  • Can issue be duplicated in a new conference?
  • Can issue be duplicated on multiple phones, internal/external to company?
  • What numbers are affected (Toll and/or Toll Free, specific Webex teleconference numbers)?
  • When does issue occur (when dialing, after entering meeting number, after entering attendee number, etc.)?
Voice Peering Circuit (BGP Down)
  • Issue Description (what is actually happening/how are users impacted)?
  • Last date/time service was working properly?
  • Active or standby circuit impacted?
  • Data Center location/Webex IPoP peering location?

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