Migration of Webex Sites from the UK Data Center to the European Union Data Center

Migration of Webex sites from the UK data center to the European Union data center.

Impact of new Cisco Webex Data Center in European Union.

As the new EU Webex data center, located in Frankfurt, Germany was recently announced, the migration of Webex sites from the UK data center to the European Union (EU) data center is scheduled starting July 2021. The respective communication regarding the migration was sent out to email addresses associated with the full administrator accounts of the affected Webex organizations. The email communication will continue through the migration process.

The migration will not cause any major disruptions as it is scheduled during the Webex site maintenance windows. The following may occur during your Webex site maintenance window:

  • Hosts and participants may experience intermittent service unavailability when attempting to host or join meetings - rejoin the meeting.
  • Users that have meetings scheduled during this maintenance window may be disconnected. The host will need to restart the meeting.
  • The data for the meetings that were finished 13 months ago will not be available after the migration. The impact will be observed for scheduled one-time meetings and meeting series (re-occurring) that were finished more than 13 months before migration time.
As an additional impact after the migration, the following items will be observed:
  • Historical reporting for Event Center and Support Center may not be available after maintenance, but new reports will be generated as expected - review and save necessary data ahead of migration. Below is the list of affected Event Center and Support Center reports.
    1. My WebEx > My Reports > Event Center > Registration Report
    2. My WebEx > My Reports > Event Center > Attendance Report
    3. My WebEx > My Reports > Event Center > In-Event Activity Report
    4. My WebEx > My Reports > Event Center > Event Recording Report
    5. My WebEx > My Reports > Event Center > Attendee History Report
    6. My WebEx > My Reports > Support Center > CSR Activity
Note: The historical reports can still be obtained by opening the Service Request with Cisco support.
  • The Recent Personal Rooms information will be not available after migration both on the Webex site and in Cisco Webex Meeting Desktop Application. This information will get populated with the new data according to the usage after the Webex site migration to the EU data center. The Recent Personal Rooms information is not recoverable after the migration. Please see the screenshot below:
 User-added image

User-added image
  • The Webex Edge Audio service will continue to work after the Webex site migration. To make sure that the most optimal media path is chosen, the LUA script needs to be regenerated after migration and imported to CUCM.
Note: Following actions should be performed during the maintenance window as SIP Trunk changes might affect the Webex Edge Audio service:
  1. Go to Control Hub > Meeting > select the migrated Webex site > Configure Site > Audio Settings.
  2. Under 'Edge Audio Customer Global Call-in Numbers' click on the Generate Lua Script button.
  3. After the new window is opened, export the script in *.lua format.
  4. Go to the document and follow steps 1-7 in the section 'Create SIP Normalization Script from the Webex LUA Script'..
  5. In Cisco Unified CM Administration, go to Device > Trunk and select the SIP trunk created for Webex Edge Audio.
  6. Change the Normalization Script to the script created in step 3.
  7. Save and reset the SIP Trunk.
For further information around Webex Edge Audio deployment, see: Cisco Webex Edge Audio Customer Configuration Guide

The deployment of the new data center in Frankfurt, Germany does not change the already existing IP address ranges required for the Webex services. For more information, see: Network Requirements for Webex Services.
Note: If the site is moved from one cluster to another, the Site ID and Partner ID will not change.

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