When you complete your certification as a Cisco Webex partner, we email credentials to you as the partner full administrator account for your organization. Just like customers that you invite to trial Cisco Webex services, signing in with those credentials at https://admin.webex.com creates the organization. After that, new administrators use their Cisco Webex credentials for Cisco Webex Control Hub.


From the partner view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Customers, and select your organization.


Select View My Organization to open your organization's administration interface.


Just like new customers, if this sign in is your first time opening your own organization, a first-time setup wizard with a plan review appears. Accept the terms and conditions, then click Get Started and follow the prompts.


After your organization is set up, you can add users, manage services, view analytics for your own organization, and so on.


If you need assistance with managing customer trials, we recommend that you assign the sales administrator role to other users in your organization. Go to Users, click a user, then click Roles and Security to view all the options. See the Related Articles for more information on each role.