September 30, 2021

Best Overview

Best overview ensures that you’re properly framed in your video, even if you move about your workspace. Use this feature if you often move around during your meetings.

By default, this feature is disabled. You can enable it from the Webex Desk Camera app.

Saturation Setting

Saturation setting allows you to control the vividness of your image so you always look your best. You can adjust the setting from the Webex Desk Camera app.

New Color Theme for the Camera App

We changed the Webex Desk Camera app interface to dark color mode. Update your camera app to the latest version to experience the new user interface. This change doesn't need any configuration.

August 9, 2021

Improved Camera App Restart

This enhancement for the Cisco Webex Desk Camera app allows you to return to work even quicker. It will take less than ten seconds for the app to restart after the next update.

This improvement doesn't require any configuration.

Improved Camera Firmware for Manufacturing

This improvement is for manufacturing only and has no impact on users.

June 1, 2021

Camera Firmware and App Update

You can use the Updates button on the Webex Desk Camera app and easily update both your camera firmware and your camera app.

Improvements on Autofocus and Image Noise Reduction

In this release, we deliver image quality improvements including autofocus and image noise reduction. This improves your video experience in different workspaces and light conditions.

February 2021

Cisco Webex Desk Camera is launched with Firmware Release 2.2.1.

Known problems (bugs) are graded according to severity. This article contains descriptions of the following:
  • Open bugs of severity 1 to 4

  • Resolved bugs of severity 1 to 4

Because defect status continually changes, the list reflects a snapshot of the defects that were open at the time new firmware is released.

Before you begin

You need the following to access the Bug Search Tool:
  • An internet connection

  • A web browser

  • A username and password


Open the Bug Search Tool.


Sign in with your username and password.


Ender the bug ID number in the Search for field and press Enter.

What to do next

For information on how to search for bugs, create saved searches, and create bug groups, select Help on the Bug Search Tool page.

The following bugs are unresolved bugs in the most recent firmware release. Refer to the Bug Search Tool for more detailed information.

  • CSCvz70222 Webex 41.8 blocks the camera app to set camera parameters on Mac

  • CSCvz22247 Camera app can't adjust parameters for camera on MacOS 12.0, both Intel and ARM chip

September 30, 2021

version 2-4-0001-4

We resolved the following issues in this release:

  • CSCvz70225 Camera app Brightness adjustment range should be more narrow

  • CSCvz70226 The Saturation slider can't be reset to default

August 9, 2021

Version 2-3-0101-7

We resolved the following issues in this release:

  • CSCvy90793 Desk app takes about 15-20 seconds to install the new version

  • CSCvz20781 Desk app can't detect the camera on Mac OS 12 beta and can't show preview neither

June 1, 2021

Version 2-3-0001-7

We resolved the following issues in this release:

  • CSCvw63115 Users can see film grains/noise at black/grey objects area in the image or under low light condition.

  • CSCvx13115 When the camera doesn't detect human faces, auto focus jitters occur.

  • CSCvx28199 Camera app gets stuck as a blank white window(intermittent).

  • CSCvw61198 Camera app has high CPU utilization.

  • CSCvx17160 Sometimes the camera outputs video of low resolution720P@30fps

  • CSCvy22489 Cisco Webex Desk Camera Information Disclosure Vulnerability

  • CSCvy40854 Image quality improvements on Webex Desk Camera

  • CSCvy48934 Audio Tuning for Webex Desk Camera

Mac users take note: Due to a corrupt installer file, firmware upgrades from the Webex Desk Camera app may fail.

If you opened the Webex Desk Camera app between September 30-October 1 or downloaded a version from the Accessory Hub during that time, then perform the following steps.

Before you begin

Confirm that you:

  • Updated your Webex Desk Camera app between September 30-October 1, 2021.

  • Are running MacOS 10 (Catalina) or MacOS 11 (Big Sur).


Locate and move all of the files in the following folder to the trash. /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Cisco Webex Desk Camera/download.


Make sure you don’t delete the directory folder itself, only delete the files in the folder.


Restart the Webex Desk Camera App and click Updates to update the app to the latest version.


If the Cisco Webex Desk Camera fails to open, continue to Steps 3 and 4.


Go to Accessory Hub, click Accessory Apps and download the Webex Desk Camera app.


Replace Cisco Webex Desk when prompted.

The operation of the camera requires the computer to meet or exceed the minimum system requirements. For the system requirements, see Webex Desk Camera User Guide.

The computers with low performance may cause the following problems:

  • On Mac OS, the live view mode at a 4K resolution through the Webex Desk Camera app causes a high CPU usage.

  • If your computer is under a heavy load, lip sync, low frame rate, or video delay may occur in recordings or in meetings.

When you connect Webex Desk Camera to an ASUS GL552V, ASUS Zenbook 15, or MSI laptop with the USB C-C cable, the laptop can't detect the camera. Always use the shipped USB C-A cable on these laptops.