Send and Receive Video in Cisco Webex Support

You can send and receive video in a support session to provide real-time support to your customers. Your customer can start to send their video only after you share your video first.

Send and Receive Video

No matter how many participants are in the session, only the CSR and the primary customer can send video.

    1Do one of the following:
    • On the CSR dashboard, select the Tools tab, and then select Video.

    • On the icon tray, or in the multisession window, select the Video icon.

    2Select Start My Video.

    Your own video appears on the small screen and the customer video appears on the large screen.

    3Ask your customer to share their video by selecting Start My Video.

    For the customer, the CSR video appears on the large screen and the customer video appears on the small screen.

    4If you or your customer wants to stop sending video, select Stop My Video.

    Set the Video Options

    When you're in a support session, you can set your video options to edit the following:

    • The camera selection

    • The quality of the video

    • The resolution and size of the video

    • The lighting and contrast of the video

      1On the video panel, select Options.
      2Adjust your video options.
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