Before you begin

You must be in an available state to accept an outbound preview campaign call.


Sign in to Webex Contact Center Desktop


Click .

The campaign contact dialog box appears with the customer's contact information.

Review the customer's contact details and then select one:

  • Call the contact.
  • Skip to next contact

  • If you accept the call, the system places the call to the customer, and the campaign contact icon is disabled.

  • The preview campaign call contact card request in the task list pane displays the campaign call label, the campaign contact icon, the details based on the configuration defined by your administrator, and a timer indicating the time elapsed since you initiated the preview campaign call.

  • The call is displayed as Ringing. If your administrator enables the end call feature, the ringing status is replaced with the cancel button in the contact card request.

  • If the customer accepts the call, you’re connected to them. The interaction control pane is displayed.
  • If the attempt fails, is enabled, and you can start the campaign call again.
  • Optionally, if the call reaches an answering machine detection (AMD) or voicemail after ringing, the agent can leave a voicemail manually.


If the contact center has reached the maximum limit for concurrent calls set for the data center or tenant, you can't make more calls, and the corresponding reason codes display on Desktop. You can view more on the maximum limit for concurrent calls by visiting Make an outdial call.

What to do next

The Call Guide tab displays in the auxiliary information pane if your administrator has configured questions and answers at the campaign level. You’re prompted to answer a question. Once answered, you're instructed to proceed through the next set of questions in the call guide. To complete your call guide, please submit your responses.