The Contact Center AI configuration leverages the Google CCAI connector to invoke bot agent service provided as part of conversation profile or knowledge bases.

This contact center solution offers the following CCAI features:

  • Virtual Agent handles conversation with a contact center caller through IVR flows.

  • Agent Answers empowers agents with real-time assistance during the call.

The CCAI features and their availability in contact center solutions are shown in the following table:

Table 1. Availability of CCAI features
Contact Center solution CCAI feature Data Center
  • Webex Contact Center

  • Webex Contact Center Enterprise (WxCCE)

  • Packaged CCE (P/CCE)

Virtual Agent–voice
  • Webex Contact Center: US, UK, Frankfurt, Australia, & Japan.

  • Webex Contact Center Enterprise (WxCCE) & Packaged CCE (P/CCE): Only US (East) & Frankfurt.

  • Webex Contact Center Enterprise (WxCCE)

  • Packaged CCE (P/CCE)

Agent Answers

Only US

Before you begin


Sign in to Control Hub using the customer organization credentials and navigate to Services > Contact Center > Features.


Click New > Contact Center AI Config.


In the Config Name field, enter a unique name for the configuration.


(Optional) In the Description field, enter a brief description of the configuration.


In the Contact Center AI Connector field, choose one of the following connector type options:

  • Webex CCAI—Choose this option if you want to use the default AI services offered by Cisco.

  • Integration Connector—Choose this option if you want to use the AI services offered by third-party AI platforms such as Google.

The configured connectors get populated in the drop-down list based on the chosen connector type.

From the Select a Connector drop-down list, select a connector.


The drop-down list displays all the active connectors.

The connector-specific configurations appear based on the chosen connector.

In the Google Conversation Profile field, enter the Google Conversation Profile ID of the Google Cloud Knowledge Base.


You can get the Google Conversation Profile ID from the Google Cloud Platform. To copy the auto-generated Google Conversation Profile ID, go to the Agent Assist UI project and click the square shaped icon next to the Integration ID.


Choose one or more options to set the default configuration of the CCAI feature:

  • Agent Answers—Set this as a default configuration in your solution for all calls that use the Agent Answer services. This feature is not applicable to the Webex Contact Center solution.

  • Virtual Agent—Set this as a default configuration in your solution for all conversations that use Virtual Agent.


Click Save.

You receive a confirmation message after the configuration is successfully saved. The configured card, with a Contact Center AI label, appears on the Features page.