ThousandEyes enterprise agents with Meetings data centers

ThousandEyes has Webex-specific Cloud Agents deployed at the front door of several Webex data centers responsible for serving customer traffic. These agents are available for general use by all ThousandEyes customers and are a tool to better monitor and troubleshoot your Webex performance. For more information about the key value of these agents, see the Webex Monitoring solution page.


See this article for best practices on how to set up tests with Webex Cloud Agents for Webex Meetings.

The agents available for Meetings data centers are:

Table 1. Available Cloud Agents for Meetings data centers
Cloud Agent nameLocation
Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
  • Ashburn, VA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • New York, NY
  • San Jose, CA
United States
Frankfurt, Germany Germany
London, England United Kingdom
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Toronto, Canada
Mumbai, India India
Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
Singapore Singapore
Sydney, Australia Australia
Tokyo, Japan Japan

ThousandEyes endpoint agents for Troubleshooting in Control Hub

You can integrate ThousandEyes with Troubleshooting in Control Hub so you can see full path visibility of users across the network to isolate issues with greater clarity. When a user with a ThousandEyes endpoint agent installed on their machine joins a meeting through the Webex App, a Network Path line will be visible under Audio Quality in their participant details page. This line indicates the network path quality of audio data between the user’s client and the audio media node.

ThousandEyes network path in Troubleshooting

In general, audio and video data travel the same path, and serviced by the same media node, so you can get a good sense of what the user's video quality is like, too. The network path quality is displayed as dotted lines. Each dotted line is based on the intervals set in the automated session test.

ThousandEyes enterprise agents with Calling data centers

Similar to Webex Meetings, we have ThousandEyes Cloud Agents deployed on various Webex Calling data centers. These agents are available for all customers who have ThousandEyes agents on their enterprise network. The agents capture RTP traffic in a bidirectional way to help determine issues in the network path between the Webex Calling data center and the enterprise network.


See this article for best practices on how to set up tests with Webex Cloud Agents for Webex Calling.

Currently, ThousandEyes Cloud Agents can only monitor calls hosted a limited number of data centers. The following table shows you the recommended data centers that you should test calls against based on your location.

Table 2. Location and recommended data center that currently support ThousandEyes integration
LocationRecommended data center
Germany Amsterdam
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ghana, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, South Africa, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Nigeria, Turkey, Lebanon, Monaco, Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion, Jordan, Oman. Frankfurt
Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam Singapore