Once you schedule your meeting, the system automatically sends an email to the people you invited, to let them know. If you change the invite or cancel it, the system automatically sends everyone a new email so they stay up to date.


Sign in to your Webex site, then select Schedule a Meeting.


(Optional) If you have any saved meeting templates, you can select one from the Meeting templates.


Add the basics by providing the following information:

  • Meeting type—Meeting types are default or customized sets of meeting features available for your site. Your account can have one or more meeting types associated with it.

  • Meeting topic—Choose a topic that people will recognize and get excited about.

  • Meeting password—Use the password that's provided or enter your own. Attendees must enter this password to join your meeting.

  • Date and time—Indicate when the meeting will take place. If you're inviting people from different time zones, click the Time zone planner so you can find a time that works best for everyone.

    You can also set the meeting to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, and so on, by checking the Recurrence check box.

  • Attendees—Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite to your meeting. If they have an account on this site, you can select next to their name if you want them to be a cohost.


If your site administrator has enabled Tracking Codes, click Edit tracking code to enter the required information.


Click Show advanced options to customize how people can call into your meeting, add an agenda, and more.


To save these settings as a template for future use, click Save as template.


To start your meeting right away, click Start; if you're meeting later, click Schedule.

For scheduled meetings, you can add the meeting to your calendar by opening the meeting from Meetings > Add to my calendar Add to my calendar. This option appears next to the name of the meeting:

An iCalender (.ics) file downloads. Select the .ics file and accept the meeting. To invite others to your meeting, send the .ics file as an email attachment.