The Cisco Webex Desk Camera is a new member to Webex Desk Devices.

For the camera overview, see Your Cisco Webex Desk Camera.

See the following sections for the limitations and known issues for Firmware Release 2.2.1.

The operation of the camera requires the computer to meet or exceed the minimum system requirements. For the system requirements, see Cisco Webex Desk Camera User Guide.

The computers with low performance may cause the following problems:

  • On some computers, when the Cisco Webex Desk Camera app is running, the CPU usage is high.

  • If your computer is under a heavy load, lip sync, low frame rate, or video delay may occur in recordings or in meetings.

When you connect Cisco Webex Desk Camera to an ASUS GL552V, ASUS Zenbook 15, or MSI laptop with the USB C-C cable, the laptop can't detect the camera. Always use the shipped USB C-A cable on these laptops.

The following list contains severity 1, 2, and 3 defects that are open for Cisco Webex Desk Camera with Firmware Release 2.2(1).

For more information about an individual defect, access the Cisco Bug Search toolkit and search for the defect using the Identifier. You must be a registered user to access this online information.

Because defect status continually changes, the list reflects a snapshot of the defects that were open at the time this report was compiled. For an updated view of open defects or to view specific bugs, access the Bug Search Toolkit.

  • CSCvw63115: Users can see film grains/noise at black/grey objects area in the image or under low light condition.

  • CSCvx13115: When the camera doesn't detect human faces, auto focus jitters occur.

  • CSCvx28199: Camera app gets stuck as a blank white window (intermittent).

  • CSCvw61198: Camera app has high CPU utilization.

  • CSCvx17160: Sometimes the camera outputs video of low resolution 720P@30fps

  • CSCvw19351: The camera stops video streaming if the shutter moves one millimeter from the far right to left.