Ordering and Provisioning

Cisco recommends that these steps are completed by partner administrators:

  1. To place a Cisco Webex Contact Center Order on Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW), see the Cisco Webex Contact Center Ordering Guide and the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Contact Center Ordering Guide on this https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/partners/tools/collaboration-ordering-guides.html page.

  2. To provision a Cisco Webex Contact Center tenant for a CCW Order, see the article Create a Cisco Webex Contact Center Order for a Customer.

  3. To set up a customer organization for Cisco Webex Contact Center, see the article Get Started with Cisco Webex Contact Center.

  4. To add users and license entitlements, see the article Ways to Add Users for Cisco Webex Contact Center.

Feature Setup

Initial contact center setup steps may be executed by partner administrators, but we recommend that customer administrators and supervisors be trained to execute the day-to-day contact center management tasks.

  1. To refer end-user guides, see these articles:

  2. To configure Voice channel, see this article:

  3. To configure Virtual Agent, see these articles:

  4. To configure connectors, see these articles:

  5. To set security settings, see the article:

  6. To install and configure CRM Connectors, see these documents: