Alerts center in Control Hub is a central place to manage alerts for your Webex deployment. Administrators can configure alerts to be delivered through email, webhooks, or in a Webex App space. Regardless of the delivery channel configured, all alerts will always appear in Control Hub.

Each administrator has their own set of alerts and rules that they can create and view in My alerts and My rules tabs, and they can view all alerts and rules from other administrators in the organization in the All alerts and All rules tabs. Administrators can also view announcements, such as software updates from Cisco, in the alerts center.

Alerts for the last 14 days will appear in the Alerts section, you can export historical alerts for the last 30 days in a CSV format by clicking on the export button.

There are two categories of alerts: Threshold-based and Service Generated.

Threshold-based alerts

Administrators can create a rule to monitor for specific events by specifying specific thresholds, such as participants who reach more than 300ms of latency or a packet loss of more than 8%. These alerts are only triggered if the administrators configure them by creating a rule.

Administrators can further configure how these alerts are delivered by choosing the delivery channel for them.

Service generated alerts

These alerts are created automatically by Webex services. Most of these alerts are critical in nature that the administrator should pay attention to. Administrators can manage how these alerts are delivered by choosing the delivery channel for them.

View alerts and rules


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Alerts center.


Select one of the following:

  • To view alerts, select My alerts or All alerts.
  • To view rules, select Manage, and then select My rules or All rules.