Skills-based routing feature enables you to assign skill requirements to the incoming calls. Skill definitions help in distributing the calls to agents with a matching set of skills. For example, language fluency or product expertise can be a skill definition that you create.

You can assign these skills to calls and skill profiles that you can assign to teams or individual agents.

Manage a skill definition


Sign in to Control Hub.


Navigate to Services > Contact Center > User Management .


From the Contact Center navigation pane, select User Management > Skill Definition


On the Skill Definitions page, click Create new skill definition.


Enter the following details in settings:

Setting Description


Enter a name of the skill. Name is a mandatory field and you can't edit or change the name later.


Provide a brief description of the skill.


Select the skill type from the following options. Type is a mandatory field and once selected, you can't change the skill type later.

  • Boolean: A boolean type can have the values as True or False indicates if the agent has a skill or not. For example, you might define a skill named PremierService to ensure that your valuable customers get a flawless service. Your can assign True value to one of the experienced agents, and False to a less experienced agent.

  • Enum: Enum is a named set of predefined values. For example, a skill named Line of Business might have a set of three values: Sales, Service, and Billing. Each value can include up to 20 characters, including spaces.

  • Proficiency: You can specify a value ranging from 0 through 10 in proficiency. This skill type represents the level of expertise of an agent in a skill. For example, you might define a skill for each language that your agents speak.

  • Text: Text allows you a free-form text skill that an agent must match. For example, you might define a skill named Extension. This extension would help you to route a call to a specific extension number of an agent. This extension is based on digits entered by the caller in response to a prompt. The limit of the text is 40 characters.

Service level threshold

You can specify the number of seconds for a call to be in a queue before contact center flags it as outside the service level. If an agent completes the call within the given time, the call is considered as handle within the service level for this skill.


Click the Create button to create a Skill Definition.

After you have created a skill definition, you can edit, activate, delete it.


Go to the path mentioned in step 2, and choose one of the following as per your requirements:

Option Execution
Edit a Skill You can only edit Description and Service level threshold of a skill.
  1. Select the skill that you want to edit.

  2. Change the Description or Service level threshold with your updates.

  3. Click Save to save the changes.

Activate/Inactivate a Skill By default, the skills created are in the active state.
  1. Select the skill that you want to activate or deactivate.

  2. Click the Active toggle button to activate/inactivte the skill.

  3. Click Save to save the changes.

Delete You can only delete a skill after inactivating it.
  1. Select the skill you want to delete to view the Skill details.

  2. Click the delete icon on the top left.

  3. Click Save