Partner Administrators are Unable to See Their Customers Listed in the Cisco Webex Control Hub

Partner administrators are unable to see their customers listed in the Cisco Webex Control Hub.

I'm unable to view my customers in Cisco Webex Control Hub when I log in with partner administrator access.

Partners can't view their customers in the Cisco Webex Control Hub.


To troubleshoot the issue:
  • The partner needs to confirm that the customer who is listed as the full administrator on the order has received the Webex welcome email and they have logged into Webex for the first time.
  • The partner listed as the partner administrator on the order will receive a notification that their customer's Webex order is provisioned and they can activate the customer's Webex service from their end. This will allow the partner to see that customer listed in the Cisco Webex Control Hub.
  • If the above information does not resolve the issue, partners will need to submit a ticket in Customer Service Central portal (My Cisco Workspace).

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