Troubleshooting Cisco Webex Integration with Microsoft Teams

Troubleshooting Cisco Webex integration with Microsoft Teams

What should I do if my Cisco Webex integration with Microsoft Teams is not working?

Try the following if you are having problems:

  • Verify Microsoft Teams is connected
  • Verify the Webex site is available
  • Type the site command @ciscowebexmeetings site in a 1:1 chat with the Webex bot to verify the site has been set properly
  • If a single user of your company is having an issue:
    • Verify the user has set their personal site URL in 1:1 chat
    • Verify the user's site URL was entered properly
    • Verify the user's account is active on the Webex site and that the user has Personal Meeting Room enabled for their account
  • If possible, perform a quick test in a teams conversation to ensure connectivity
  • Remove and reload the Webex integration for Microsoft Teams
Common Troubleshooting Scenarios

Issue: User is prompted to upgrade the Cisco Webex Meetings app to newer version

This is what you would see if you have the older (bot) version of the integration previously installed. You may not see the option to add in the Webex tab.

User-added image
Solution: To resolve the issue the Admin will need to click “Click here to upgrade” link to update the integration.

Issue: 'Your Webex account isn’t connected to this Microsoft Teams account. Contact your administrator for more information.'

User-added image

The 'Your Webex account isn’t connected to this Microsoft Teams account. Contact your administrator for more information” message occurs if the Site Administrator hasn’t enabled the linking of accounts in Site Administration.

Solution: The Site Admin needs to toggle 'Automatically link users with this Webex site if their Webex account email address matches their Microsoft Office 365 email address'. This option is located in Site Admin > Configuration > Common Site Settings > Options.

Issue: The only option on the Webex tab is to 'Join a Meeting'. There is no option to schedule or start meetings.

This scenario occurs if the user does not have a Webex host account. In this scenario the user is able to join a meeting via PMR URL or meeting number.

User-added image

Solution:  Site Admin can create a host account for this user and they will be able to schedule and start meetings.

If you experience other issues with the integration, or these troubleshooting steps do not help to resolve the issue, contact technical support for assistance. For help, refer to article: WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?

Information to provide to support:
  • Contact information (name, email, phone number and time zone)
  • Webex site URL/domain
  • Description of the issue, specific symptoms
  • Date and time the issue occurred
  • Did it work before? If so, when did it stop working?
  • Environment, urgency, and number of people affected: Home/Office? VPN? Wi-Fi?
  • Operating system and version, browser, connection type
  • Steps you performed during troubleshooting


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