I Receive Error 4016 when I Try to Join a Webex Teleconference

To resolve issue related to not having Global Call-in permissions enabled in a host account.

I receive error 4016 when I try to join a Webex teleconference.

Error 4016 when I dial into a global teleconference number.

Attendees are unable to join the Webex teleconference when they use global teleconference numbers.

Cause:  This error may occur due to the following reasons:

  • The host does not have the 'Allow access to teleconference via global call-in numbers' option enabled for their host account, and an international teleconference number is dialed.
  • This error can also be caused if the host has the permissions to use toll-free numbers, but the "Display toll-free number" option is not enabled in the Audio Conference settings of a particular meeting. If an attendee then attempts to call a toll-free number which appears on the "All global call-in numbers" list when joining a meeting.
    • Note: Attendees may still join the teleconference if they dial into the toll number displayed on the audio conference dialog.
  • The Webex Personal Conferencing (PCN) account was created before Global call in teleconferencing was enabled on the site.

Solution:Join the meeting to determine if 'Allow access to teleconference via global call-in numbers' is disabled. If call-in numbers are only displayed for a single country, then global call-in is disabled.
Note: Global call-in cannot be enabled from within the meeting.

Hosts only:
To create a new meeting with global call-in capability:
  1. Log in your Webex site (Example: https://SITENAME.Webex.com/).
  2. Click Schedule a Meeting.
  3. Open drop down menu Show advanced options, then select Audio connection options.
  4. Ensure that Show global call-in numbers to attendees is checked.
  5. Complete the scheduling process.
If the 'Show global call-in numbers' option isn't present, a site admin can use the following steps to enable this option.

To confirm if the host account has access to global teleconference numbers:
From Site Administration:
  1. Log in to your Webex Site Administration page. (Example: https://SITENAME.Webex.com/admin.php)
  2. Confirm a green check mark beside Global call-in on the Site Administration home page.

    Note: If no check mark is beside this feature, global call-in is not enabled on the site. Cisco Support for further assistance.
  3. Click on User Management in the left navigation bar.
  4. Click Edit User.
  5. Enter your search criteria into the Username or Email: field, then click Search.
  6. Click the name of the account that needs to be modified.
  7. In the Telephony privilege: section, confirm the Allow access to teleconference via global call-in numbers option is checked.
From Control Hub:
  1. From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Meeting.
  2. Select your website, and choose Configure Site.
  3. Go to Common Settings, select Site Information, and confirm a green checkmark beside Global call-back teleconferencing and Global call-in.
  4. Then, go to Users and select the user you want to edit.
  5. Click Meeting, click on the URL, then select User Privileges.
  6. In Telephony, confirm that the Call-in teleconferencing option is checked.
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Note: If you use a Webex personal conferencing account created before global call-in was enabled on the site. You must create a new account to resolve this issue; see: Schedule a Personal Conference or Audio Only Webex Meeting.

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